My First Steemit Road Show: Abia State Polytechnic Aba // Set at 10% Payout To @steemalive

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Greetings Fellow Steemians.

Welcome to my blog, hope you all are doing great? Is been awhile I share a post here and that is because I have been busy preparing for my NYSC and as well travelled to see my parents. The time I spent with them couldn't allow me to participate in any of the road shows but thank God I was able to join them on todays road show

I visited Aba city on the 15th of October, 2021 to get a printout in my school Abia state polytechnic, aba. What3words i will use for my NYSC. On my way going I met @ninapenda, @samuel20, @marajah and some other steemians. I was so happy to meet all of them in person because I have never seen them before. Since their here to do road show (promote steemit) I decided to join them at least to get an experience of how the road show looks like. I followed @ninapenda and her team as we go around signing up newbies.



Since I have never participated on any road show, I decided to just follow and see how things are been done. But at least I helped in taking photos for the days event. Below are some of the photos I took.


BeautyPlus_20211020172225586_save.jpgAt the school

After going round the school advertising steemit and as well recruiting new members, well all went to Chicken Republic to take some refreshments.


On getting there I saw more steemians both old and new. I decided to meet them for introduction and as well take a selfy with them. Below are some of the selfies we took.

BeautyPlus_20211020172402120_save.jpgMyself and @tmeymeyshop

BeautyPlus_20211020172323972_save.jpgMyself and @samuel20

BeautyPlus_20211020172525605_save.jpgMyself and other steemians

After spending quality time and as well taking refreshments together I left them and went back to the school to do my printout.


I love steemit and will always do whatever it takes to promote steemit. I want to cease this opportunity to appreciate @focusnow for this wonderful iniciative on how to promote steemit. I love the road show and I will love to invite @cynthia1997, @cross75 and @blessingamey to participate in the road show. Together we will make steemit a great one.

Thanks for Visiting My Blog

Cc: @focusnow
Cc: @stephenkendal
Cc: @steemalive
Cc: @steemitblog

 last month 

@aaron1990, we really enjoyed your company that day. Hope to see you again soon @goodness4real.

 last month 

Same here @goodness4real, I also enjoyed your company. Hope to see you all once again. Thank you for your comment

 last month 

Yes our love for steemit will always move us to tell other people, thank you my brother

 last month 

Thank you for your [email protected] Together we will surely get there

 last month (edited)

I really admire these pictures. They are lovely.
Good to see @ninapenda too. I enjoyed being with them at the road show when I visited Aba.
Nice write up and great motivation. Keep promoting Steemit

 last month 

Thank you @misterfab for your comment. Together we will surely get to the top

We have supported this post. Keep on making great content in our community. Always check @steemalive for community updates. Thank you being an active member.

 last month (edited)

Thank you for joining the steem promoters of Aba. Nest time around, kindly see that you are able to sign up some users. Thank you @aaron1990 for these beautiful pictures, you are a good team player.

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