Before you post in the Netflix & Streaming community!

We have reached more than 1300 subscribers to this community on Steemit, but it is still a little bit quiet around. We would love to see some more movement and vibrant discussions here in the community, and we hope that this is about to come around. There are thousands of people entering the Steemit platform, and this can be seen clearly based on the activity on the platform.

In other words, we welcome everyone to this community! But, before you post, there are a couple of things that we would like you to know!

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Before you post in the Netflix and Streaming community

  1. All posts has to be in English in some way. You can write in other languages as well, but make sure to include an English translation. This is important, because we want everyone to be able to read every single post and enjoy the community.
  2. We love news related to TV shows, Netflix, other streaming services, and so on. But, if you write a review, make sure to include your own thoughts, and do not write just about the story. That is easy to spin, but your very own thoughts are harder to copy!
  3. Make sure to include some words about yourself. Feel free to write an introduction post as well, because we would love to get to know you. If we know nothing about you, there is a slight chance that you are a spammer and post-spinner, and we don't like that, and we do not vote for such authors!
  4. Comment on other posts in the community and make sure to reply when people comment on your posts.

Those were some short instructions worth reading before you post here in the community. Once again, we are really happy to have you around and look forward to hearing from you and reading whatever might be on your mind.

If you have comments or questions, please write them down as well!

Sort: This post is welcoming and encouraging ..hoping it motivates us all to follow up and keep our community very interesting 😊👍

heyy I am new in this community can anyone please tell me what kind of introduction post I have to write I mean do I also have to write about the movie or drama I watched or just write about my interest in Netflix or some other channels.

Thanks so much for giving out the rules and regulations of the group.i really do appreciate

Ok but how do I reached 1300 subscribers and how do I know when I ve done that? I'm new on steemit. Thanks

Click on your name here (it's a link) or go to your profile. You can see how many followers you have and how many you follow.

You have 3 followers and follow 0 people.
Good luck.

Thanks You for help

Can’t we make a brief introduction of ourselves here in the comment section. More like
I’m @sher and I’m a movie and tv show lover through and through
I’ll be posting more about tv shows that are severely underrated and giving my thoughts on other popular ones as well...anime lovers also watch out!😉

Its cool and really brief..i buy the idea👌

Thanks for the rules updates cause I'm new and I wouldn't like to step on any toes.

Interesante que queden claras las reglas, apenas me acabo de unir a esta comunidad y es importante conocer sus reglas para evitar inconveniente y al mismo tiempo tener éxito

Thank you!

I am New, I hope to be received very well, thanks for the rules, I will be in the know. God Bless You More!

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