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RE: ANNOUNCEMENT winner contest 4.24:  Looking back/Look forward

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Tron you automatically earn. You do not need to do anything for it.

The easiest way to receive Tron is to fill out your own TRX-wallet.

For example we take one of Exodus (see the app you can download it. Exodus is the wallet where you can save all kind of crypto currencies.

Now you go to your wallet
Scroll down to the part where you see TRX*
Click on link an existing Tron account
Click confirm.
Next you can copy-paste your own TRX wallet address in the field and confirm.

From now on your TRX will be sent to the wallet address you gave. That wallet address you can see in your wallet. You can see it and so can other people.

If you have issues filling out your own address download the Tron pdf first. It was what I needed to do. You can throw it away once your address is linked.

Good luck dear


Thanks very much I will do exactly as u said

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