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Ten days quarantine for the family isn't bad. 3 out of 10 already passed. These days are so to say history. We baked a cake, enjoy ourselves and I watched 'Blue story' which wasn't as good as expected. I was thinking, if school wants the entire class to stay home for 14 days school for 2021 is over.


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why are you quarantined?

My kid had a headache and was sent home. The cleaning lady noticed he looked pale,the teacher did not. Next day we went to the doctor somce school needs a paper if you stay home. We couldn't even say how or what. After the words "I was sent home yesterday" we were pushed out of the building. We had to line up outside in the cold, rain, wind next to garbage containers. The child was tested positive (till today no proof no idea how to lay hands on that) and ordered to stay home for ten days.
The teacher called and said she would inform. Today my kid called her but she knows nothing and the class isn't in quarantaine either.
About three more days to go. Monday the child needs to call to tell how he feels.
Both children need a paper for school so we might go ask for it on Monday too. No idea if a QR code is in it for the children.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for joining the quarantaine today. 👍

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