052720 - My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY (May 27, 2020) Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.51"

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Time goes so fast.

How come I wasn't able to create extra time during these weeks/months of lockdown?
I guess I am too busy and life goes on if you have a house, a large garden, and family to take care of.
I became a teacher again and there's a lot to discuss and explain. I wish I was a teacher, such a lazy online one. What a life. This way anyone can.

I mowed a bit.
I set a timer that works best for me to go on snd mow at least a bit. The grass, the flowers in the field grew high. Good thing I bought the grass trimmer. A mower wouldn't have done the job.
Again I smelled a sweet aroma but I cannot figure out what it is.

Food on the table.
We ate pizza after I mowed. The (once bought) frozen pizza with tuna tasted sour. According to my kid it always tastes like this. I have doubts. (The amount of vitamine C won't be high in this junk food).
Our second meal was toastbread with brie.
I had a hit chocolate mainly made eith water.
In short: hardly any vitamins again. Tomorrow I will see what's for sale. If I think about shopping it gives me stress.

Who did I spoke to?
My daughter (whatsapp) about her contract.
The children (live)

I watched 3 episodes of V-war and went to bed.

Published today (May, 27, 2020)

  • Scar(ed)
    It's a freewrite, a short story written in 5 minutes. The prompt used is: scar

  • 052620 - Tuesday
    It's my Tuesday, it was a long itchy, sneezing day which I ended with watching 3 episodes of V-war again. No, V doesn't stand for virus. In this case a virus didn't cause it. You can't blame the coronavirus for everything.

Published yesterday (May, 26, 2020)

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