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RE: Ticks! That's what today (June 20, 2021) means to me.

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I wish I could say something smart about it. Currently, I live in Florida and see all kinds of the fauna around my house. Here is the example...the frog on my grass windows to the backyard.

Also, in my backyard, we have a mango tree and several neighboring iguanas are running around eating the ripe fruits.

Our house community has several lakes and we can see some cute birds feeding around them.

Yet, at the same time, we see these kinds of warnings:

So true, life outside the house might be dangerous.


Snakes I see too but I don't care about them. People feed the alligators with you?
So you have fruit thieves too.
The area looks great where you live. In some way ticks I find more dangerous.Ticks and vaccines with more side effects than anyone can imagine.
Thanks for showing these great photos. 👍💖

Not alligator, but wildlife, birds. The sign is just trying to make them stay away from the water, don't attempt to swim there. You never know if an alligator might crawl from somewhere. And if it will eat a person for the home association it might be a big lawsuit.

I never had a problem with ticks and hopefully never will. Sorry if you or your pet become their victim.

I understand.

My pets frequently have been. For some reason more as they were younger. Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, Seresto I bought it all and nothing works perfect. They have more trouble with the stable flies eating them.

It's the first time in my life I am attacked twice within 15 days. I don't understand I didn't notice it earlier but I will wash my clothes as soon as I change and cover myself in a cloud of pesticides. I wear farmboots. It's getting too dangerous for a sunbath here or just sitting outside. The flies bite, ticks attack, wasps wait so the garden only means extra work and keeping distance. ☹

Ouch! Yeah, be careful!

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