CCC CONTEST What does TODAY (30 June 2021) Mean to ME?"... #ccc 4.03

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It was a day that I decided that I will not clean. I walked around the house, preparing breakfast, passing by the washing machine, walking on the tiles, tried my best to ignore whatever little dust and hair strands along the way. I closed an eye, not wanting to think about the water stains on the granite floor. But I still wiped away imaginary oil stains on the kitchen floor and stove from frying eggs for breakfast.

But my little garden, located just next to the kitchen sink was staring at me. I have been wanting to clean it up a bit. It was messy and soiled due to rain and withered leaves. Usually, my daily chores would monopolize my time and I would ignore the little garden.


Today, not wanting to do any cleaning has diverted my focus and energy to sort out my little garden. Each time I passed my little garden, I told myself the pots needed to be rearranged., the floor needed cleaning from soil that had seeped through the pots after watering and heavy rain.

After washing the dishes from breakfast, I went straight to my little garden and started cleaning it up. Withered leaves and dead plants were swept into containers for it to decompose and turn into soil.


Plants that needed more space and sun, I moved it outwards and some plants, I trimmed and cut them to propagate in another pot.

I spent about 2 hours at my little garden and after all was done, I couldn’t help staring back at it, patting myself on the back for a job well done. It wasn’t 100% sorted out yet but at least about 70% done was good enough for me, until the next time ☺


This is my entry to @freedomshift’s What does TODAY Mean to YOU?" - Win 🏅 upvotes, SBD, Steem, TRX, and more... #ccc 4.03 contest this week:


I would like to invite @kgwork, @mairimg0 and @marianis rejoin CCC contests.

 7 months ago 

How nice that you have dedicated space of your time to your plants. It is relaxing to take care of them and then they will become more beautiful.

 6 months ago 

I like it now that it is cleaner :) The heart feels happier to care for the plants :)

Your garden will be happy and you did work. Wish I could finish mine in 2-3 hours but's it's a never ending task. More like 2-3 hours a day. Lawn needs to be mowed again ☹

 6 months ago 

That is right, you have a huge lawn and grass grows very fast! Wish I could help you. I quite like mowing the lawn but maybe an hour of it.

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