The meaning of today: 20.06.2021

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This is participation for What does TODAY Mean to YOU?" - Win 🏅 upvotes, SBD, Steem, TRX, and more... #ccc 3.52 by @freedomshift.

What does today mean for me?

If it comes to the community of CCC, they always give me ideas on what to write. Personally, they give a reason to speak out my heart. Even when I talked to my close friends about things that crowd my thoughts, I can't let them out loud. It is different from writing. As I write, I can write continuously as I want to and there will be no interruption while I am pouring out my feelings and thoughts. Each time when I feel bad, it took me a while to recover.

It ruined my mood and slow down my days. It feels restricted worst than being restricted by the Corona Virus. I can't go away and leave everything behind without a clear solution or answer. It has been a part of me that I cannot change no matter how hard I ignore it. The best solution is for me to have no knowledge of details. As a friend always says to me, "It is better not knowing because once we know it, It is hard to ignore."

As for today, it is just another ordinary days. It is the weekend and I don't have to go to work. No on-calls for me on Sunday and it is nice to sit at home. It is not totally resting but it is better than working. I can set my own time with nothing to rush for. I can wake up at any time I want though I am used to waking up early. Hopefully, I can get back to sleep soon when my daughter is taking her afternoon nap. I woke up quite early today and manage to write a few articles for the CCC community.

I am inviting @emilydonna @audreyclaire @bboyady for the next contest because by the time you caught up with this article the new contest probably has been run.

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That's the nice thing about writing in this community. You can always talk about anything that happens to you and place it according to your topic in one of the contests. Except mine of course which is only about nature.

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