Take-A-Pic by @olivia08 Round 31 Theme - The Spring: The Joy Of Coming Abundance Energizes The Air

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Orchids dendro Fucshia - Niel Maceda.jpg

The early morning sunlight, the first strong rays of the day, the ones that bring true warmth. The spring washed in like the tide, advancing confidently with a warmth. The new vibrant hues of the flowers were bathed in tepid air that encouraged them gently, on others the wintry wind gusted fiercely. I have seen blooms that appeared as if to kiss the sky so boldly as these Dendrobium Orchid do. They raised themselves from the earth as if they were some magic trick. The disheveled grasses soon became lush, breathing warm winds over the desolate landscape. The time of plenty is coming and the joy of coming abundance energizes the air. The wind had lost its bite, it had become ambient, congenial, blowing branches and tousling the hair - but no longer stealing their warmth. The spring would not be stopped, it pushed on right into May, banishing the chill to memory. In rain or shine, there is a new warmth, inviting the lips to smile, the flowers promise their rainbow garland on Earth.

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Photo Is Mine Using Android O+. Taken From The Garden Of A Friend In Davao City

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