Missing the happy days at sea. - "My entry to the contest -" What does TODAY (April 14) mean to me? - #ccc 2.44 "

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Hello everyone!!🌊🌅

What does it mean for me today?

Today is a very hot day and it is a very stressful day due to the heat, the confinement, the anxiety.
The heat is so much that I want to be on the beach, be able to enjoy the sea, refresh myself with some beers and be with my boyfriend


He and I live in different states, so since quarantine was decreed we haven't been able to see each other.

So today has been a really strong day for me, the stress, the heat, the pensiera makes everything more difficult.

However, I start to see the photos and relive those fun moments, and although it was hot the situation was so different.

Life is like this, happy days, sad days and in these moments of quarantine when the days seem the same, when they seem not to advance and that many days are still missing like that, I think it is normal to fall into remembrances.


What does it mean for me today?

Today is one more day where all the conditions are in place for me to be sad or upset and I decide to dream and you relive my days at the beach, where the sea calms the heat and I shared with the best company that life can give me, and although Today is far away, I really love him.

  • Personal photographs, taken with my cell phone.

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I am sorry to hear about your sadness. I hope this all will be over soon. Are you in quarantine or is there a lockdown? Quarantine is something else.

I wish you great daydreams 💕

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Unfortunately we are living both.
We have a lockdown that makes quarantining worse.
On the one hand, all prices have risen a lot and on the other hand, we can go out alone to buy food within our state and for a few hours in the morning.
Carrying out quarantine with a lockdown is fatal.
Here we are afraid of covid-19 and hunger.
But we will get ahead!

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