Weekly Report as Steem Representative [19th September 2023]

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Greetings friends,

It's another week of my weekly activities report and I am glad to share it. I had a few sad moments and great moments within the week, but I guess all are heading for good. I also enjoy reading some interesting publications.


As usual, my search for fake accounts continues and within the week, I didn't find much of such in the communities. The few I noticed, I have already communicated with each admin/moderator involved in such communities and I expect them to take it seriously.

It's a shame that some communities are still supporting such users by submitting their posts to booming supports. I already have a plan if this continues, but I am not going to mention it here and I expect confidentiality to be respected.

Another point I want to mention is that of account verification. I would like to appeal to kind-hearted users to allow greeters to do their jobs when it comes to new account verifications. It's a profession and should be respected, it's not supposed to be done with sentiment. This will help reduce the many fake accounts we have on the blog today, even some that look genuine.

Admins/moderators should not just accept a user in their communities because they can write very well, most of those things are just tactics to gain trust or just a mere game of intelligence. I would advise founders/admins to work hand in hand with experienced greeters or send me a direct message,I know what to do next.

Community development

Within the week, I keep reminding Founders/admins about the importance of adopting the Multisig wallet in their communities. The adoption is slow, unfortunately, but I hope this is one of the best ideas in the blog that reduces or removes the complaints of stolen community funds in the future.

I gave some useful suggestions to users who contacted me through my Discord which is always open 24/7. I responded to some of those complaints the best I could. I also advised users through comments, I believe this would help them to do better. I even feel satisfied when I receive their appreciative responses.


As a curator, I was able to use the SC04 to curate some worthy posts in various communities
I worked on our Spreadsheet and also created a new one for this new week. I also made our summary post for the September week 2 curation.

Unfortunately, there were fewer activities last week in various communities which I also mentioned in our summary post yesterday.

I supported most of the publications I voted for with the SC04 account.

Again, this week, I also gave attention to users who supported the Steem Electricals initiative the @steemelectricals.

I made the financial update of the funds raised so far in the @steemelectricals account within the week as it can be plainly seen 👉here

This week, my activities were less in terms of posting publications due to some challenges I faced with my PC, I wouldn't want to talk about that much here, it's a little frustrating talking about it but I would improve this week definitely because I have alternatives.

I keep showcasing users in the blog through my weekly show called "The Interview Showcase" and last week, I featured a Venezuelan who is also serving as one of the Steem representatives and that was @ @edgargonzalez, feel free to read the interview 👉 here

I know some areas I didn't do well in the week and I will work on them this new week. My low posting activities were due to my device issues. Not like I have fixed it yet, but I have alternatives that I would use within this week.

Cast a witness vote for @pennsif.witness and @moecki

Vote for @pennsif.witness
Vote for @moecki

You are doing marvelously well. Keep spreading the good news about steem and ensuring that those abusers are brought to book. I believe that these community moderators will take the necessary actions.

Thank you for the update.

 2 months ago 

Thanks friend for the interview! I truly admire you for everything you have been doing for this platform!! I want to learn from you!!😄 Greetings!!

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