Country Representative Report, Week Ending 18/09/2022 - Club75

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Greeting to the steemit team,

It is the end of another beautiful week, a productive and a successful week for that matter and as incumbent on me as a country representative for Ghana i am here today to present my weekly report before leadership for perusal of my work and also to solicit for your suggestions and ideas on improving things for the Ghanaian community.

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In this report i would be reporting on my work on contest organization, top 3 weekly post selection as well as my curation efforts with my account as well as that of the steem-ghana account. Without much ado i would jump straight into it.


The contest which i organized the previous week came to an end within this week and i had to sieve through the various entries to get the very best of the entries to award as winners. The was a good number of entries which made the entire contest interesting and reports that many brought tells of how much beneficial the blockchain has been to many lives.

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I am optimistic that through this contest many would be motivated to continue doing more and more on the blockchain for a chance to also feel what the others who joined the contest talked about so they could have their own testimonies in the days to come. I am looking forward to organizing another in the days ahead.

Top 3 Club5050, Club75 and Club100 Picks of the Week Verifying from11th September, 2022 with

With the upgrade of the daily to a weekly selection now more time is had to be able to sieve through the works that come through the community to present the very best once, this makes it fair when these individuals are rewarded since their work is truly good and has stood the test of the week.

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Top 3 Club5050, Club75 and Club100 Picks of the Week Verifying from 18th September, 2022 with

These members are made to benefit from booming support as well as support from country representatives, the community's curation account and sometimes when lucky @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02. I believe the weekly upgrade has been a good initiative and is paying off so far and I am keen it would continue to yield more results moving forward.

Nattybongo's Curation

I continue to support members through curation and engagement on a daily basis, this ensure that members feel appreciated by leaders for their effort and hard work. Again, engagement helps motivate them and get them to continue to share more quality content with us. It is also a means to help correct mistakes and guide newbies in the community.

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This is done daily and currently based on steemworld statistics i have issued a total of 92 upvotes to 54 accounts within the last 7 days. Curation doesn't only stay in the Ghanaian community but also in other communities when i come across good posts that deserve to be supported.

Steem-ghana Curation

Alongside my curation i also do well to use the steem-ghana account daily to support members. This ensures that not only do our power not go to waste but members also get value for their money in terms of support and delegation for the account. Curation is done between myself and my colleague Juzkid.

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Screenshot from steemworld

With an effective power of 17,629.49 SP at 100% the vote is worth 0.13$ at full vote. Accordingly to steemworld the account has been able to support 52 accounts with 104 upvotes within the last 7 days and has a voting CSI of 10.0 as at the time of this report.


I am currently club75 eligible with a total powerup of 240.739 STEEM and a transfers of 55 steem with the last 60 days. I continue to remain consistent in this act so as to serve as an example for my colleagues to also follow suit. I still do have plans of migrating to club100 in the future however for now i am only club75 eligible.

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Screenshot from steemworld


I am grateful for the opportunity granted me to be able to serve my country men through the blockchain and i look forward to been able to do more and more in the days to come. Thank you for your time and i wish you a wonderful week.

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