- WEEKLY REPORT - as Steem Representative. 27 November to 03 December. / - RAPPORTO SETTIMANALE - come Rappresentante di Steem. Dal 27 Novembre al 3 Dicembre. [ENG/ITA]

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Greetings to all Steemit friends.

Here we are at the week of 27 November to 03 December, you can find the previous week's report HERE.

As always I have tried to be present and active on the platform, both in my community and outside of it, dealing with:

  • manual curation, leaving comments related to the content of posts or informing users of the various contests organised on the platform in which they can participate, encouraging old and new users to continue sharing their work by leaving a small contribution through my upvote,

  • of the contests organised in the Italian community together with my friends from the @italygame team,

  • to moderate the Italian community by interacting with all users, welcoming new ones by helping them to fit in the group, answering questions about the functioning of Steemit and giving support when problems arise,

  • to distribute the weekly votes of the Booming Support in our community,

  • to publish my personal posts, as well as reports related to my activities as Steem Rep,

  • to increase my SP through my weekly Power Up, maintaining my status at club75.

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In addition to automatically distributing my votes through the Steem-fanbase trail, I also do the manual curation every day within and outside the Italian community, upvoting posts and comments that I think deserve attention.

Below is a table of my votes and comments as of 27th November 2023:


Last Week:

During the week I dedicate part of my time to searching for good Steemit users outside the communities who I think deserve more visibility and curation, focusing on 5 users.

I also curated 10 new users who needed to be addressed in the Newcomer Community.

Below you can find the previous week's post:


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Since February our community has also been selected to receive Booming support, we can distribute 6 #booming votes per day.

From 20 to 26 November, no more than 2 votes per user were distributed, as stipulated by the rules of the Steemit Team and we rewarded posts with content:

  • exclusive for Steemit
  • original
  • quality
  • non-offensive
  • non-plagiarised
  • no use of AI
  • no delegation to Voting Bot accounts
  • users must not be in Power Down.

Below you can find the post with the weekly distribution table of Booming votes and the frequency of votes per user:

- BOOMING - Updates and Report from 20 to 26 November, Italian Community

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Since 129 weeks I have been participating in #welovepowerups, every Monday I publish a post with my Power Up as well as a series of information and updates regarding the platform that I think are useful for users, but also tips on active contests on Steemit and how the clubs work.


I try to power up 100 Steem every week, with the rewards in SBD in the last 2 weeks I have managed to deposit more.

Below is the post:

Monday: Power Up and some Talk!

Besides me, many other users in the community also participate assiduously in the Power Up, some every week, some once a month, and they are truly a great example of perseverance, to whom I pay my compliments.

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I try to be present on the platform and in my community by publishing my posts.
Every week I try to post at least 6 days out of 7 on my blog.

I also try to come up with useful posts for the users in my community to keep them informed about important issues.

In my last works I informed the Italian community that it will no longer be possible to trade SBDs through Bittrex.

SBD/BTC - Closure of the Exchange on Bittrex: Latest Updates.

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As far as competitions are concerned, there are 7 active ones in our community which are open to all Steemit users who follow the rules of participation and 4 of these, I run together with the @italygame team:

  • UNFORGETTABLE TRIP #54 in which to recount one's own journey, a trip to some place one really liked.
  • THE BEST FOOD POST #46 in which you can range your imagination in the culinary arts, from recipes of your favourite dishes to typical dishes of your country but also what you eat at restaurants in your city.
  • THE BEST USER OF THE WEEK #168 in which the community user who has been most active on the platform during the week is rewarded.
  • DIGITALY #20 the Official Magazine of the ITALY Community, weekly interviews, games, contests and much more to discover.

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In this week as Steem Rep I did my best to contribute to the improvement of the platform, and that is what I will continue to do seriously and consistently in the weeks to come.

Thank you all for reading my report.

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High Quality Curation.

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I am taking part in

👉 #club75

You can check my Status

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I'm part of ITALYGAME Team

together with:
@girolamomarotta, @sardrt, @mad-runner, @frafiomatale, @famigliacurione

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Super miky. Ultimamente sto adottando una nuova forma di curation manuale per Italy, scorro tutti i post e lascio un commento al post che ha zero commenti. In Italy non ci saranno più post con zero commenti

 3 months ago 

Grande Stefanooo.. resto dell'idea che il commento sia un grandissimo supporto e per chi lo riceve è un riconoscimento per il proprio lavoro.

Anch’io concordo pienamente con te… il commento è importantissimo. Dobbiamo stimolare l’interazione tra gli utenti il più possibile. Questo puó comportare fare pochi post, ma qualcuno deve dare la priorità ai commenti… io per ora sono uno di quelli che da la priorità ai commenti

 3 months ago 

Infatti Steemit da la stessa importanza agli autori e ai curatori e le ricompense le suddivide così. Anche perché fare la curation porta via del tempo, leggere i post e trovare il commento appropriato.
Speriamo che gli utenti lo capiscano..

Bene Miky, io vedo degli utenti nuovi nella comunità Italy, alcuni li conosco perchè condivido con loro una chat, ma altri no. Quindi mi sembra che la comunità stia crescendo. Avanti tutta con la curation

 3 months ago 

E' vero, ci sono nuovi utenti e molti anche italiani. E' un bel trend.. 🚀💪😜

That was a great work throughout the week. You really tried to make sure that things fall in place coupled with the curations and all
Keep up the good work!

 3 months ago 

Many thanks my friend, I try my best to give some visibility to all those users who deserve it but go unnoticed.

good report I support the Italian community, they really do a good job and help new people there, according to the regulations thank you, I hope the Italian community continues to progress and can be trusted by the steemit team, thanks @mikitaly

 3 months ago 

Thank you very much @masril for your comment I appreciate it very much.

You do a lot of good and useful things for the Steemit platform. Thank you very much for your work and ability to see people, now this is a rare quality. Good luck to you and good mood.

 3 months ago 

Many thanks for leaving your comment, I am very pleased.

 3 months ago 

As a SR of steemit you always perform as the best and the most impressive part is the way you contribute for Italy community and making time for balancing everything like commenting, curating and everything. You are my super woman of steemit and also Italian Queen! Love you with big hugs! ❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗

 3 months ago 

Heartfelt thanks Shohana, your kind words always make my day better.
SR is challenging but satisfying, maybe you might like it too... why don't you try to apply when applications are open again?
In my opinion, my friend, you would do a great job! I mean it sincerely.😉💕🥰

 3 months ago 

Thanks dear for believing in me and giving me such honor but I feel myself unworthy as you know I hardly get time to read posts of other steemians and comment on them rarely! Anyway, if next time I'll feel worthy to apply then I'll take a chance InshaAllah! Thanks dear love you ❤️💝🤗💖💐

 3 months ago 


Ottimo lavore come sempre. Vorrei chiederti una cosa, scusa, per averti disturbato.
Le risposte non sono attivate, devo cercare le risposte nelle notifiche, se sai qualcosa apprezzo la tua risposta e cercherò nelle notifiche :)

 3 months ago 

Guarda credo ci sia qualche problemino, perché anche io da ieri faccio fatica a leggerle e devo scorrere tutte le notifiche. Magari riusciranno a sistemare presto.

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