My Weekly Steem Representative report.

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Dear Steemitblog,

It's my delight to report my last week's activities as a representative of Steem, it was a successful week full of exciting, and creative activities, this doesn't mean I didn't encounter with few ugly ones, but when putting together it makes the platform fun and adventurous!

Let Me Begin With My Activities:

There's a saying "Leadership by example" meaning whatever a leader is expecting of his /her subjects, he/she should be doing the same so that his/her followers can imitate. I always advise fellow users both old and new to be active and consistent and to support one another through meaningful engagement and upvotes. I'm doing the same, I was very active during the week, I've supported fellow users through meaningful comment and upvote, I've offered guidance and advice when necessary and most importantly encouraged them.

Below Is My Account Information:

Account Stat
Steem Power21,102
Voting Csi17.7 (0.00 % self, 156 upvotes, 117 accounts, last 7d)
Power Up75 Steem power
Contest Reward10 Steem Power
Transfer out28 Steem
Club StatusClub75
Active Posts7 Posts

I've joined 5 Engagement contests, and 1 has expired today, that's why I didn't screenshot it, this was where creativity and fun came in, I've tried out what I've not done before and all thanks to these contests. I've announced the winners of weather conditions in My Locality Contest, 14 users joined and have written so well on the topic, that I gave them necessary guidance where needed and also commended them.

My Work As A Greeter:

I've worked in the newcomer's community, I guided, verified and muted scammers, labelled reward Farmers etc, this is where adventure comes in, I normally used my 6 senses when working in the newcomer's community, because some scammers can be so cunning. I made 4 video calls during the week with some women who couldn't show their faces due to religious beliefs.



It looks like our server was not fully updated, or it could be something else, many users contacted me with the problem that they couldn't publish their posts that it's showing them an error. So I first of all calmed them and gave suggestions which worked for some, and I hope this issue will be resolved soon.*

AI Users:

It looks like they have a tool to screen or spin their artificial intelligence content that the tools we've been using couldn't detect some AI posts. I came across one last week and I spotted it by mere reading, but when checking on the available tools it showed 💯 human, I wasn't satisfied so I made further investigation by comparing some of his posts and behold I was right.

Plagiarists are doing the same thing, they usually spin content from the internet and post, this kind of post lacks human feelings because it wasn't written from the heart, it lacks naturalness. Even when the plagiarism tool is showing 💯 unique.

Lastly, I found it hard to turn posts upside down using Steemd, especially the introduction Posts in the Newcomers community to find the source of their verification photo. I was told each time I tried that their server was undergoing an update, I hope the issue will be resolved immediately because the tool is very useful. I normally used it every day, but couldn't for the past 2 days.

Well, this is it! I believe I've touched everything, I will still be communicating with you in case I forget something then I will say it. Thank you!



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Peace & Love!

I heard you make mention of AI content does it include everything AI including photos

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 10 months ago (edited)

Posts, because most of phone cameras nowadays have AI, so if you take photographs with it yourself, no problems but if you take from the internet then it must be from free site and you must cite the source properly. As for text is prohibited and consider an abuse, because the user produces without making any effort, and Steemit rewards Proof of brain, not artificial intelligence.

For example, This is my picture but AI modifies it, so can it be used in steemit?

Posted using SteemPro Mobile

 10 months ago 

This is you, you can use it as long as you're not using it for verification, or application. What about those photos we normally take from the internet, most of them are AI. All you need to do is to state that you've edited the photo with whatsoever app, then your good to go.

Oh now i understand it better, I appreciate you for having my time.🙂

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 10 months ago 

You're welcome 🤗


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Steem For Ladies

 10 months ago 

Thank you!

 10 months ago 

find the source of their verification photo

If you right click on the post you can choose "view page source" or you can just add view-source: in front of the url link

This will show you the source of the image.

Good luck!

 10 months ago 

Thank you so much Pat ma'am, indeed I'm learning new things everyday!

 10 months ago 

Pleasure! This is how we all learn, but I must agree with you, I miss the steemd... Especially when I don't have a template post and I now have to create new feedback or contest posts all over again. It is extremely time-consuming.

Maybe this is a warning for us to save all our posts on Word. (•ิ‿•ิ)

 10 months ago 

Maybe this is a warning for us to save all our posts on Word. (•ิ‿•ิ)

You're absolutely right 👍. Well let's just hope for the best.

 10 months ago 

I'm not sure if you noticed it, steemd is working again.
I discovered that after I sat down yesterday to set up six template posts for my account and the Steem For Ladies account.
Oh well, now I have them in case something goes wrong again. With technology we never know. (•ิ‿•ิ)

 10 months ago 

Yeah I just observed. I will also save some template. But I wish it won't be down for long again

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