Weekly Report October 15th to 21th. Country Representative (Venezuela)

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Greetings friends of Steemit.

It has been a long third week of October, due to the power failure in the area where I live having already 7 days without electricity, however, I have been active as much as possible fulfilling my activities on the platform, including the role of curator with the team #4 through the SC07 account.

In addition, during this week I have fulfilled my activities within the Newcomers community, where I have been able to validate several achievements, and welcome several users who have decided to join the platform.


During the period from October 15th to 21th, I have had the opportunity to perform the following activities to the best of my ability.

  • Welcome new users and guide them in the operation of the platform.

  • Support in the verification and validation of Newcomers community achievements.

  • Invite users to complete the achievements of the Newcomers community.

  • Support in the curatorship with the account @steemcurator09 to those who manage to complete the Newcomers community achievements program.

  • Invite users to follow the main account @steemitblog.

  • Support in the curatorship with the account @hive-193637 of the #SteemVenezuela community.

  • Support users in clarifying doubts about some topics related to the operation of the Steemit platform through the "Talkchannel" conversation channel.

  • Support good quality publications.

  • Verify the existence of plagiarism of content in the publications visited.

  • Recruit new users and encourage them to remain active on the platform.

  • Verify and provide guidance on the current status of users in #club5050, #club75 and #club100.

  • Reviewing accounts that incur spam postings.

  • Follow up on suspicious and farming accounts.

  • Review and support participations in the #sv-escritura dynamic.

  • Support in the curation with the Steemcurator07 account.

The following is my performance during the second October period, as Venezuela's representative in Steemit..

During the period from October 15 to 21, I have had the opportunity to support new users with the account @steemcurator09. I have also performed the respective reviews to verify the authenticity and good intentions of new users on the platform to avoid the presence of possible crop accounts.

Below I show the number of users that I have attended for the Newcomers community, during this time.

DescriptionN° Of Post
Publication Curation Steemcurator0901
Publication Curation Steemcurator0753
Welcome (W)03
Achievements Attended(L1- L6)01
Support for completion of achievements (S)00
Plagiarism cases (P)/ Abuse (A)00
Farming Cases / Suspicious Account (S/A) / SPAM00
Fake Account (F/A)00

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I present the behavior and performance of the @adeljose account, from October 15th to 21th, according to the tool Steemyy created @justyy, i managed to support a total of 131 users..

Curation @adeljose


This data was extracted thanks to the #SteemWorld application created by @steemchiller

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Promoted Contest "Individual Account

Post: WINNERS CONTEST OF THE WEEK. "Playing photographer #5". / Ganadores del Concurso Semanal. "Jugando A Ser Fotógrafo #5" / Participants: 09 / Prize: 15 Steem Power

Post: Weekly Contest, "Playing photographer #6. /Concurso Semanal, "Jugando A Ser Fotógrafo #6". / Participants: Active / Prize: 15 Steem Power

Support Channel.

Every Monday we open a new channel where I invite users to share their ideas, opinions and concerns, in order to generate a change of knowledge and ideas, as needed. During this week we have proposed to talk about some aspects related to witnesses and development on the platform.

Post: Talk Channel: "Questions, Answers and Comments"/ Preguntas, respuestas y comentarios (week 147) in the World Of The Xpilar Community / Participants: "Active"

separador adeljose.png


In terms of growth, during this October period, I was able to accelerate the increase of Steem Power, managing to power up more than 190 Steem. During this period I have made 14 publications..

23/08/22 to 23/10/22POWER UPWITHDRAWAL%

separador adeljose.png

This has been part of my performance during the third period of October as a user and representative of Venezuela.

I hope to continue improving and providing more support to all those who are part of our Steemit platform.

Les invito a seguir las cuentas @steemesp, @steemeng, @steem.ind en Facebook e Instagram

I am grateful for the support and trust given to me by the team of @steemitblog and steemcurator01, as well as the support given to me by my colleagues tocho2, inspiracion, wilmer1988, albenis, graceleon and pelon53.

I say goodbye until a new opportunity.

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thank you for sharing a good report with the best performance in building this steemit platform and community

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Thank you very much for the support, it is a pleasure to serve the platform.

As a country representative you are doing very well and presented a nice report thank you for sharing.

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