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As a company, we constantly work to offer our customers a wide variety of garments, for all tastes, always adjusting to the seasons and current trends.

In this new year we are testing some different fabrics and colors that are in fashion, the idea is to make garments of the different models that are on the market but adding special touches of Shana Design, such as colors and some extra detail.

Today I will share the elaboration of my new top design for sale, it is a one shoulder puff top, which is currently being worn very often and in all colors, but this time it is available in khaki, that most of my clients are people who identify with neutral and pastel tones, since it is a fairly free and harmonious style, with which you can dress in a vintage or aestheric style at the same time or make other style combinations.

What body type does this top suit?

This top is made with a stretch fabric that is thick, therefore it fits all body types, the only thing that should vary is its size depending on the response of each client.

People who carry a little more weight can also wear it, since this type of top tends to make the rolls a little less noticeable due to the type of fabric.

What is the cost of this top?

For the first 7 days from today that this garment is released, we have a special price of $6 with free shipping within the Medellin metropolitan area.

Take advantage of this discount that the real price of this top is $8.

It is important to mention that we receive payments in SBD and STEEM.

In the following table I will break down the prices in the different currencies that we receive, to make it easier for our customers to purchase through the variety of payment methods.


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✒️ This top is quite resistant to washing.

✒️ Resists many stretches.

✒️ It is comfortable, soft and cool.

✒️ It is used in any season of the year, combining it with other accessories.


✒️ Do not wash with chlorine.

✒️ Do not cut with sharp objects.

✒️ No planchar.

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How can I buy this product?

To acquire some of our products you can contact us through this platform, either by leaving a comment, or by writing to our discor channel, also at the end of the post I will leave you the direct link to all the social networks that we manage so that you can see our content creative and write if you want to place an order, we will assist you immediately.

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You can follow my work on social networks, which I have available.




Business name:@Shanadesign
Owner's name:@Shanadesign
Business address:Medellin, Colombia.
About us:Link to presentation

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 2 years ago 

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 2 years ago 

Muy linda la prenda, el top está muy de moda , y los colores nuetros también son de mis favoritos. Saludos.

 2 years ago 

@shanadesign , Her work is impeccable, and the way she entices her clients with the allure of nude hues is mesmerizing.

We can say that each client has a different taste, but this color in the garment can be one of the favorites for the different combinations.

We are glad that you share detailed information about the garment.

We hope that Medellin steemians apply with you.


Hello @shanadesign Happy evening, a pleasure to greet you, what a beautiful product that you show us made to measure for your clients and with beautiful shades.

Thank you for being an active customer of Business Activity.

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