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Hello, how are you, business lovers, how are you great entrepreneurs, now USAHA RUMAH TANGGA (URT) is back promoting the best-selling cakes in our business, how are you, great entrepreneurs, hopefully our business will always be launched by Allah, the one and only God, because to this day our efforts still always smooth and getting more successful as we hope.

As usual our company always accepts cake orders ranging from wet cakes to pastries even today we are adding more cakes with our latest recipes with quality prices and flavors to pamper your tongue once you try you will definitely be addicted.

To find out more about the supply of pastries in our company, we created a complete promotion table with price details.

banana crackers0.5 SBD/8 Steem
Crispy onion cake / kg0.7 SBD/9 Steem
Butter/seed cake0.5 SBD / 8 steem
Timphan/box0.2 SBD / 3 steem
Coconut bread/kg0.7 SBD / 10 Steem
Malinda cake0.7 SBD /10 Steem
Cake bangke't / kg0.7 SBD /10 Steem
Lupis sticky rice / bowl0.2 SBD/2.5 STEEM
Puding djali /cup small0.01 SBD /0.5 STEEM
several types of lunkhead / tray3 SBD /34 STEEM
Cork egg cake /Kg0.7 SBD /9 STEEM









Today I am promoting a cork cheese cake with several unique cake shapes, there are oval, tapered and rounded circles, it all depends and according to our clients' wishes because client satisfaction is our pleasure.

Every company that wants to move forward will prioritize the interests of its consumers because your satisfaction is a pride for us if you are satisfied then we will feel happy.

Today we received several orders for cakes, all cakes with a display in packaging with an amount of 1 kg each packaging has a hefty price and within the reach of one pack of 1 kg we sell at a price of IDR 70.000 / 0.7 SBD / 0.9 STEEM with an order quantity of 10 kg, so the amount of our income for this form of cork cheese cake is Rp. 700,000 with a decent income.

Hurry up, friends, please order limited stock in a few days.









Cork cheese cake with a round circular shape is also no less beautiful than the model above, they are the same as the original taste. This cake is most requested by our clients, perhaps because of its unique and good shape with an attractive taste quality .

we use the following ingredients: quality ingredients in creating the dough so as to produce a taste that is incomparable and of course good for health in the frying process we use quality cooking oil with guaranteed brands.

Hurry up and order before the stock runs out...!!!



BUSSINIS NAMEusaha rumah tangga (URT)
Owners name@riska-amanda
Business addressAceh-indonesia
About usLink Presentation






 2 months ago 

Your cheesecake looks really good. I hope you do very well in your sales.

Thanks my friend

 2 months ago 

Hello @riska-amanda , this new stock is extraordinary in your business.

We are happy for its increase, and for all the growth inside and outside the Blockchain.

Thank you for the costs associated with your local currency, and in cryptocurrencies.

Their cheesecakes look super delicious.

Thank you for being an active member in this community.


thank you for the comments and the motivation you give

 2 months ago 

Those cheescakes, they look super good


Hello dear @riska-amanda a pleasure to greet you again, I really liked your cheesecake production without a doubt it is an ideal concept for any occasion.

Thanks for the motivation dear

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