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Dear Business Activity Community

Let me introduce myself to this community. My name is Hareshkumar Parmar. I am from a small town Surendranagar of Gujarat State from country India.

This is my Achievement-1 introduction post in Newcomers' Community if you want to know more about me.

I am 46 years old having my own business on the name "Print Skill" at Location: Google Plus Code PMF4+W2 Surendranagar, Gujarat


Who we are?

Print Skill is a Graphics Design and Printing firm established by me in 2016 that provides all types of Desktop Publishing Services or Graphic Design and Printing related services across my city and surrounding areas for a long spell of time.


Our Services

We provide all types of Graphics, Design & Printing services and some of our services are listed below but are not limited to.

Business CardsLetter HeadLogo DesignIdentity Cards
StickersLabelsTagsInvitation Cards
Flax BannerVinylOne WayCMYK Print
Color PrintPhoto PrintLaminationSpiral Binding
TypingData EntryBook WorkBooklets
CertificateAddress LableDirectoryAnnual Reports
VoucherInvoiceEstimateDelivery Notes
EnvelopsFormsDocumentationTraining Modules

Business Profile of Print Skill

Name of FirmPrint Skill
Nature of BusinessGraphics Design & Printing Services
Date of EstablishmentMay 12, 2016
LocationSurendranagar, Gujarat, India
What3Word Location
Google Plus Code LocationPMF4+W2 Surendranagar, Gujarat
Contact Number+91 7984377400
Email[email protected]
Telegram User IDprint_skill
Currency We AcceptINR, Steem, SBD, TRX
Social Media LinkTwitter:
Members Involved5

Business objective

Print Skill established to create visual communications for its clients such as logos, marketing materials, and advertising.

We work with our clients to achieve business goals, develop strategies and implement them through design, marketing, branding, and marketing projects.

Print Skill wants to build long-term relationships with our customers. By helping our clients achieve their goals, Print Skill is able to grow its businesses and make a profit.

  • In The Nutshell
    To analyze the business of our clients to understand their communication problems and work closely with them on strategies to solve those problems. To create effective display solutions to deliver the message of our clients through various media. We use materials of color, images, animation, and textures to create visual interactions.

  • Creating Number of Clients
    Print Skill will create new ways of communicating with customers and their products that create value for their businesses. Objectives include creating the client’s competitive profitability in today’s competitive environment that separates them. So, we plan and implement value-building techniques with our customers.

  • Ethics and quality
    We are committed to business practices and ethics that help our clients better. This commitment to the integrity of the artists enhances public understanding of the importance of good design in today's world.

  • Community Development
    We offer a pro bono or reduced revenue activity. These social structures make positive change in our culture very important. We are able to bring creative and empathetic solutions to social challenges.
    The same strategic benefits created by us designed for our business clients can be brought to make a positive difference in the area of ​​social challenges.
    We are involved in community-related projects that demonstrate the power and value of solving communication problems through graphic design.

Steem Entrepreneur.jpg

Our Vision

To become an outstanding player, providing high-quality web, print, and graphical solutions in the global competitive market.

  • "Fulfilling customer needs for long-term relationships"

  • "Set innovation as our key to achieving the ultimate goal of success and emerge as a global company by providing quality services and solutions."

Why Print Skill?

  • The right combination of techniques and cutting edge technology
  • The Focused Outcome
  • Reasonable and inexpensive solutions
  • Premium quality service
  • Effective Communication
  • Honesty, Transparency & Trustworthiness

Our Mission

Our goal is to establish and provide high-quality development and development as well as service and customer support to lead the industry, all at low prices.

Improving our customers' business growth through Design and Development to deliver high-quality market solutions that create value and consistent competitive advantage for our customers worldwide.

We are committed to continuously providing our clients with better e-Business and web-based services. We are fortunate to have a talented team of professionals with the necessary skills and drive to provide our clients with the best service.

Our Logo

So, I request @businessactivity to verify my business and please approve my membership to contribute my best for this community.


CC to My country representatives of India

 3 months ago (edited)

Welcome to our community @printskill congratulations on your great business presentation we are happy to welcome you here thank you wish your business always success

 3 months ago 

Thank you @riska-amanda for your quick response and wonderful feedback. We all become successful together using this platform.


of course here we have to support each other and we succeed together

 3 months ago 

You have done a good job friend. I have planned to accept payment using STEEM, SBD and TRX too

 3 months ago 

Thank you @zulkarnain for your quick and positive feedback.

We can expand our business globally if we use STEEM, SBD, and TRX in exchange of our services.

 3 months ago 

Yes friend. But we have to educate them about blockchain.

 3 months ago 

Welcome to our community @printskill
I am really amazed at your skills and good luck with your business. It will be good for you here. You can work. You can serve your business well.

 3 months ago 

Thank @razuan12 for your supporting words for best wishes for me. This is a very enthusiastic community, people are responding very quickly to each other. That's the spirit I like most.

 3 months ago 

Welcome to the community @printskill , we are sure that this success for teamwork for your business will be of great value.

The commitment acquired by bringing your business to the Blockchain, and wanting to accept payments through the cryptocurrencies managed in the ecosystem, which can also grow in your vision by and for the future of "Print Skill".

His new beginning on the platform is with his business, the work environment with which he will become known much more in the world, and have an impressive receptivity, not only for his local area, covering much more than he has imagined. Steemit is the future and your business is part of it.

Please to be verified, contact via Discord:



 3 months ago 

Thank you so much @cindycam for your warm welcome and kind words.

Your feedback is much more valuable and it means a lot to me. If we have a supportive community of people like you, we will definitely do something great for our business using Steemit ecosystem.

Many Thanks

 3 months ago 

Welcome dear @printkill, your presentation has been very good and your business seems prosperous; Furthermore, the initiatives you have with steemit say a lot about your commitment to the platform.
We hope your business continues to grow through @businessactivity

 3 months ago (edited)

Thanks a lot, @maurelvys for your supportive welcome. Now, I have great community friends like you and I am sure we all will achieve remarkable success.

My slogan is "Let's grow all together" if you have read on my profile cover page and we all make it possible.

 3 months ago (edited)

Hello happy day @printkill a pleasure to have you in the community, you have a great business and we are pleased that you have made a great breakdown of it, we hope to know much more about your business.

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much @gensequini for your warm welcome. This community people are so strong and so cooperative to each other and I am sure we all will achieve a new hight in our businesses.

I am searching for a right platform for my business and this is the one what I was looking for.

 3 months ago 

Welcome to the community, you have come to the perfect place to grow even more.

 3 months ago 

Thank you @mvchacin for your warm welcome. I am in the right place with friends like you.

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