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Hi, Guys

Dead skin swept away with dermaplaning

First let's talk a little about skin

I would like to start by reminding you that the skin is the largest organ we have, it is the first barrier that protects us from infections and protects all other organs and fluids inside the body. It also controls our temperature, secretes sweat and oils, sends sensory signals to the brain among other functions.

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The cellular regeneration cycle lasts approximately 30 days

Although it seems that the skin is only a smooth layer is completely false, it is made up of multiple layers, like an onion. The most superficial layer of the skin - the stratum corneum - is always in constant cell renewal to replace older cells that have died and make way for new, healthier cells. This function helps explain how exfoliation works to smooth the skin.

What is Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation process in which a scalpel blade is used to remove the most superficial layer of the skin made up of dead cells, hairs- known as peach hair, but more correctly called vellus hair- and dirt acquired from the environment.

These facial hairs can trap dirt and oil, increasing the risk of infections and clogged pores, thus promoting the appearance of blackheads.

Why should you have this procedure done?

With dermaplaning you can remove dead skin cells, it helps the regeneration of cells resulting in a more elastic and smooth surface.

Having a clean canvas will benefit you when performing other procedures such as chemical peels or dermapen, as the products will penetrate directly into new cells that will absorb more of the active ingredients you apply.

A procedure like this will also help you to:
- Minimize the scars caused by acne
- Unify the skin tone
- Attenuate fine expression lines
- Improve the absorption of your daily routine products such as serums, ampoules and others.
- Minimize skin blemishes
- Look smoother with make-up

skin before and after dermaplaning

This treatment is excellent for mature skin because with age cellular regeneration decreases and people of adult age are more prone to accumulate dead cells.


  • Scratch the area, in this case use regenerative moisturizers (brucen Q10 is your best ally).
  • Rubbing with your towel when drying your skin.
  • Exfoliate the skin during that week (it is not necessary, remember that this is already an exfoliation).

Frequently asked questions about dermaplaning

Is it painful?
Not at all, this procedure is painless and does not require local anesthesia.

Do the hairs grow thicker?

NO, the hairs will grow the same as you had them, neither the thickness nor the color will change. Neither grow less thick or decrease their appearance. The only way for the hairs to change is by procedures such as laser (decreases) or hormonal causes (increases).

How often should I perform this procedure?

The ideal would be to perform it every 30 days since normally that is the approximate time of the cellular regeneration cycle.

Treatment Costs

Facial+Dermaplaning$22 SBD 2.79 STEEM 32.69
Facial + dermaplaning+ 3 chemical peeling sessions$45 SBD STEEM

Prices are subject to change

Many people are afraid the first time they have this procedure but then they don't want to stop doing it. I hope you are encouraged to try it.

Business name:Meraki Esthetic Spa
Owner's name:@danielacarvajal
Business addres:Lechería, Anzoátegui, Venezuela

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Thanks @businessactivity guys for your hard work for the community.

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Hello @danielacarvajal , great content for those who want to undergo this treatment, as you mentioned without any pain and its effect is so positive on the skin, that they will certainly not stop doing it, making it part of the routines every 30 days, for a cleaner and more beautiful skin.

Your advice is great, we are very happy with your membership in the community.

When users experience something for the first time, the truth is that like everything gives a bit of concern, but under the advice and care you provide, they should feel more confident.


thank @cindycam, that is precisely my intention, to explain the steps and how you would feel with each procedure.

 last year 

Always happy to read your every article all the tips you share really make us want to do further treatment thank you for all your best tips

thanks @risk-amanda it is a pleasure that you enjoy my articles.

Hello @danielacarvajal, thank you for providing your business, we see once again that skin care should be a priority for all of us who want to always be radiant.

thank @gensequini. Yes, skincare is important and necessary.

 last year 

Hola @danielacarvajal , gracias por compartir esta valiosa información con nosotros. Algún día me gustaría realizarme este procedimiento 😍

Hola @felyess espero te animes a realizartelo, es excelente

 last year 

Dermaplaning is an excellent technique to remove dead skin, as you make it known, it is an interesting procedure and it shows that it leads to a good result. Very good work.

thanks u @shanadesing

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