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Hello guys,

how many of you have fallen for videos, advertisements or recipes that promise to remove blackheads? I confess that before entering this world of aesthetics I also fell into all those stories, like the egg and paper or even worse the white glue type peel off mask.

First of all, I want to make it clear that there is no permanent cure for blackheads.

But before answering this question let's start by clarifying certain terms, the correct name for these skin conditions is comedones, these can be open or closed.

The open comedones are the famous blackheads and the closed ones are the papules or pustules that is to say the acne bulgar that we all know as "espinillas".

Acne is a very broad topic and there are several types. people who generate blackheads in excess also suffer from acne, comedonal acne.


What are blackheads?

Blackheads, are an obstruction of the pores of the skin, let's put it in an example, the pore is a bottle and the blackhead is the cork, the cork that remains on the surface becomes dirty and stains changing its natural color to a darker one. Well this is exactly what happens with blackheads, they are called open comedones precisely because of that, they remain open and thanks to the melanin (the substance responsible for skin pigmentation) and environmental exposure it oxidizes generating this black color.

Why do blackheads appear?

They appear due to sebaceous production, and this is the point I wanted to get to. Blackheads can not be eliminated forever because we can not eliminate the production of sebum from our body, as it is responsible for maintaining the lubrication of the skin and provide the natural oils that our body needs to keep us hydrated also provides antioxidants and protects us from bacteria, so if you ever thought about eliminating the fat that generates your sebaceous glands is better to think again.

But let's not put all the blame on the sebaceous glands, the natural process of cell oxidation is also to blame for the creation of those pesky blackheads.

The accumulation of grease mixes with cellular debris that gets trapped in the sebaceous gland's exit duct due to inflammation or excess secretions, so the gland cannot drain fast enough, it gets dirty acquiring the black shade and BOOM, a new blackhead is born.



External agents such as dust, pollution, constant use of makeup, excessive production of sebum (oil) or certain hormonal problems are the main causes of obstruction, causing the appearance of these unwanted little friends.

How to prevent blackheads?

Whenever we look for a solution to a problem we think first of what treatments to perform to reduce or eliminate the problem, when the main step to follow should be the prevention why? the answer is obvious, if we prevent it from happening it is much more likely that it does not exist or it is simpler to treat the problem.

The first thing to keep in mind is that we must know our skin well to know what kind of dermocosmetic products we should use, that's where I come in to help you to know how to treat your skin.

And once you have put into practice and understood the first step then it would be time to go for the second one, assemble the daily skin care routine specialized for you.

It is of vital importance to keep your pores clean, avoid at all costs to sleep with makeup or residues of it.
residues. Go for your monthly professional cleansing.

Say goodbye to makeup remover wipes, if you were using this method, bury it and no more! It is preferable to opt for a double cleansing in your night routine.


The double cleansing consists of including two products to make sure you remove any residue of makeup or cosmetics used during the day, this is composed of your normal cleanser (your face soap) and another cleansing product, it can be micellar water (you must also rinse it even if the label says otherwise) or a special balm to melt makeup (in this case this would go before the normal cleanser), consult with your specialist the best option for you.

And last but not least HYDRATATION, moisturizing your skin will prevent excess sebum, because if your skin is sufficiently hydrated the sebaceous glands will notice it and will not bombard your body with more moisture that it does not need.

What treatments can be used to diminish or delay the appearance of blackheads?

  • Facial Hygiene
  • Chemical exfoliants, such as salicylic acid, are a great ally because they clean the pores from the inside out
Deep facial cleansing$20 SBD 3,07 STEEM 37.28
Chemical Peel (3 sessions)$30 SBD 4,6 STEEM 55.92

Keeping your face clean is not only for aesthetic reasons, but caring for it is the only way to avoid premature aging. In addition, a simple case of blackheads can lead to more severe acne if not treated in time.


Avoid at all costs to follow the advice of people not specialized in the area, the use of homemade recipes such as egg whites, yogurt, lemon, toothpaste and others can cause serious damage to the layers of your skin and aggravate the problem.

I hope this information is of great help to all of you, any questions do not hesitate to write me Discord, remember that in the biography you have the direct link to my instagram @merakiesthetispa_


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Again I can't say goodbye without leaving my thanks to all the guys who constantly work to make this community shine, let's keep growing together @businessactivity


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thank u @fuli

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Hello @danielacarvajal , thank you for this extraordinary content on your business blog, we are sure that many trust your advice and may also request MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA. Because specialists are the ones who can best guide the needs of skin care.

The truth is that premature aging is not a falsehood and taking care of ourselves is part of the process of an amazing appearance and skin due to the necessary and fundamental care. All skin types are not the same and do not have the same conditions.

Thanks for the associated costs in your local currency, steem and sbd.


Thank you @cindycam always at your service

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Excellent work .. Thank you for sharing all this information with us.

I hope you like it @shanadesing

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Hello @danielacarvajal thank you for your great material for today about preventive care and how to deal with blackheads lodged in your face providing very interesting and useful information for us beauty care lovers.

Always happy to read your content thanks for all the tips today

the pleasure is mine, I am excited to share my knowledge with you, thanks to you for reading me.

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Gracias por compartir esta información.

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