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Hello guys,

Hope you are well.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about the vision of meraki and how we employ it, have you ever heard of the word holistics?



The holistic world is not based on any one thing, but on the sum of each as a "whole". Many people focus on changing only what is in sight, if we would see a little further we would realize that many of the physical problems come from within,

Brinkles, dark circles under the eyes, even hair loss or acne are symptoms that we usually go to beauty centers or buy cosmetics to combat them without thinking that they are a reflection or warning that something is not going well within us.

That's why at meraki we don't just care about your physical needs, we think of you as a complete being, who needs to improve in body, mind and spirit..

Holistic Aesthetics vs Conventional Aesthetics

It is true that aesthetic treatments make a difference, but if they do not go hand in hand with a life full of better habits the effects will not last long, besides they will never be enough.

Meditation and relaxation are part of our package in all treatments for your wellness. Including aromatherapy and chromotherapy are of great help when joining our holistic part with aesthetics.

When it comes to a facial we focus a lot on massages, teach and guide them to practice them at home, the muscles of the face are in constant movement and are one of the most affected if it comes to lead a busy life, when we perform massages properly and knowing how the muscles work and how they contract we can help strengthen and tighten them to prevent and reduce those dreaded wrinkles without using botox or botulinum toxin.

Phototherapies, aromatherapies and music therapy also have multiple benefits, when we perform any treatment we ensure that the environment is charged with good energy, you feel the harmony and tranquility in all your senses from touch to smell, all this with the purpose of offering your brain a break that you want to implement in your daily life and MERAKI can help.


Facial reflexology plays a fundamental role in our holistic treatments, this is to exert pressure on a specific point of the face in order to improve or relieve some pain in other parts of the body, in the face there are different nerve endings that go directly to the brain, it is for this reason that this type of reflexology is more efficient than the foot or hand.


Let's do a stress test, take the four fingers of your hand - from the little finger to the index finger- and try to insert them into your mouth, did you feel pain when you did it? or you just couldn't open your mouth? well you may be suffering from something called bruxism and you didn't know it. It is a disorder in which the teeth are excessively clenched and can generate jaw contractures, damage to the teeth and even pain, mostly due to excessive loads of stress or a situation that causes a state of anxiety.

Bruxism is just one example of the problems that can be solved with massages, of course, botulinum toxin sessions can also be performed to block the muscle and avoid its tension. Regardless of the technique you choose, we can help you at Meraki.

And if you're still not convinced that your mental and emotional state go hand in hand with how you look, answer me this: how does your skin look better during final exams or during a vacation in a 5 star hotel?, I'm sure you know the answer


In this publication I cover a lot of new topics if you have any questions about them leave a comment and I will make a new publication talking a little more about them and clarifying your questions.


Business name:Meraki Esthetic Spa
Owner's name:@danielacarvajal
Business addres:Lechería, Anzoátegui, Venezuela

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Thank you business activity community for allowing me to share my knowledge with you.

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Hi @danielacarvajal , great topic to share with your future Blockchain clients. Certainly the internal goes hand in hand with the external, some situations, stress or others, can affect and find yourself in full relaxation helps a lot in the different treatments that the patient want to perform. Mind and body together can work better. The truth is that when treatments are applied to the physical part, changes can be seen, but if it is not healed from the inside, if the patient is not well internally, in a state of tranquility and everything that influences a good emotional, state the treatments can be affected by not being in a state that fills all the spaces and is calm, at peace, vitalized. The therapies applied in the Spa must be satisfactory, to also take them home and be carried out without problems, which shows that more than just attending for a treatment, a rapprochement with the patient is being achieved, involving helpful advice outside of the use of machines or other procedures.

It is important to join the Power Up program, every week for your benefit and that of the ecosystem.

We also invite you to be part of the Meetup Program in your area, where you can show your experience in the community to other investors and make them part of the future.


Thanks @cindycam I hope to join after this post to club5050.

Thank you, ppr, provide us with valuable information about how we can improve our health through different techniques that you can not only perform but also put into practice on other people. It is a pleasure to see all the material that you show us.

Thank you, the pleasure is mine, I love to share it with you.

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La información que proporcionas es cada vez más completa, es bueno que des a conocer los diferentes metodos que tienes para ofrecer a tus clientes.

Thanks @shanadesign 💕🥰

 last year (edited)

all the material you convey is very related to skin health, we are happy because we know Meraki Esthetic Spa is the solution for healthy skin thank you for all the care tips you share

Thank you friends for reading me, I am pleased and excited by the receptivity of the whole community towards my work.

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Excelente propuesta, estoy segura que atraerá muchos clientes. Bendiciones.

Gracias amén 🙏🏼

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