Visiting Verified Meatballs Business "Bakso Bang Poji" in Aceh Province, Indonesia

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Yesterday I met @muhajir169, I came to his house with @nakaru. In this meeting we discussed about the business he manages and also the past "Meatball" orders through online orders. On a previous visit I've ordered from him a total of 5 Kilograms of "Meatballs" from him, this order will be ordered from the business production and Entrepreneurship he manages.


Thursday, February 17, 2022

At that time @muhajir169 had not promoted the business he managed to the Steemit platform, and I had invited him to promote the business he manages to the Steem community. Incidentally now he has joined the Business Activity community, I think this is very suitable for him in developing the "Meatballs" business which has been produced at home for a long time. He owns a "Meatball" product house and also has several special trishaws to sell around.

He was a manager in the field of entrepreneurship and business, now he manages his father's branch of business and entrepreneurship, namely the home-based business "Somay Bang Poji Punteut". In this management, every day he produces “Meatballs” with several of his employees, then sells around using carts and three-wheeled vehicles. He owns more than 10 mobile carts and employs more than 20 permanent employees.


Promoting Business "Bakso Bang Poji"

When we met at his house, we had talked to each other about the day-to-day work of managing his business. He is already very good at mastering meatball recipes from his experience working with his father, but he admits that he is not very good at managing marketing. He is a businessman who never gives up and works hard, and until now he continues to develop the "Meatballs" business that he manages.

Currently he manages his branch of business independently, he has approached several other "Meatballs" business managers. He offers several orders of "Meatballs" ready to be sent out of the area. And now the business he manages is getting more and more popular, and branches of this business and entrepreneurship have been opened in several locations. The business that he manages has its own brand, namely the Meatball Business "Bakso Bang Poji".







Now he pays his employees who sell around every day, there are several strategic lapak center locations in various areas of Aceh province. he also accepts orders for delivery outside the region via local delivery and orders via WhatsApp and telephone. This is done so that the meatball business he manages grows faster and is known for its popularity.

Me and @muhajir169 have known each other for a long time, he is my best friend and we are both actively contributing to the Steemit platform. In my opinion, He is an active and creative Steemit user, he has been very active in the last few months. And now we are still both active in several Steem communities, so we support each other in projects and programs that will be developed in the Steem community.


Visiting the meatball production house

Me and @nakaru visited his house to see the business activities managed by @muhajir169, there I saw the "Bakso Bang Poji" logo on every mobile cart parked at his house. On this visit we want to taste the typical taste of meatballs from the meatball business "Bakso Bang Poji", you have been served 3 bowls of meatballs with several types of meatballs with varying prices. Including regular meatballs, medium meatballs, large meatballs, meatballs filled with chicken eggs and various other menus. If you want to order by the kilo, then the price of 1 kg of meatballs = IDR 40,000, equal to 8 STEEM or 0.7 SBD if calculated with STEEM and SBD prices at today's estimated prices.


So in this case I also plan to support the business managed by @muhajir169 in order to develop wider marketing. Some time ago he just promoted the business specifically to the Steem community "Business Activity". He joined as an official member in the Business Activity community and received transaction services using STEEM and Steem Dollars (SBD), especially with fellow Steemit users. And this must also adjust the Rupiah exchange rate (IDR), then calculated with the price of STEEM and SBD.


Owner Business "Bakso Bang Poji"

Thank you to @muhajir169 or the meals and services provided. This can be a promotional event and invite business managers to immediately promote their business to the Steemit platform. Especially for members of the Business Activity community, you can also order and make transactions directly with the business owner "Bakso Bang Poji". Transactions using STEEM and Steem Dollars (SBD) are only valid for fellow Steemit users. We hope that the "Meatballs Bang Poji" business will be your best partner in supporting the field of entrepreneurship and business that you are managing.

Business Activity

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Contributing to the promotion of businesses in order to gain the trust of customers and be even more recognized is a good job, the one that is recognized and the one that bears fruit and attracting new investors, gives you the opportunity to develop yourself as well. promoter, because its performance has a very significant value.

  • The menus look delicious and varied, the presentations count and they are great.

We hope that each business you visit, that you are part of steemit, has the success you want.


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Of course sis @cindycam it's true, I have visited this meatball production house several times.

There offers a variety of typical meatballs and of course very tasty. Many menus can be ordered through the menu list provided.

Thank you for the support and motivation in the Steem Business Activity community, we are happy to be able to contribute and send various activities from Indonesia.

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Thanks for information, Steem On!

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Thanks you sir!

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