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Hello friends, I hope that all the friends will be well.

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today I will tell you in this blog that I have increased somethings in my grocery store, I keep adding some new items of them in my grocery store, whose in my grocery store sale is too much.

As I have discussed this in some blogs and have told people that how and in how much investment you can start the business of grocery store and how, but this business is good and very profitable business. In this, you can earn a lot of profit and the amount you have in it sales increasing or decreasing according to your area.
It depends on you that where is your grocery store located and according to what you have added your product, if you have added childrens product then your sales will be more if you have added things of daily House Need. If it is kept then its sales should be according to that.
So the grocery store I have is in a locality, so thats why as I go to my grocery store to make my profit, in the same way, in my grocery store, there are things needed for children and daily house needs products. I keep adding them over time.
Grocery store business has proved to be a very good business for me because I have done a lot of work in the past, but in this grocery store business, you keep getting daily profit and your daily sales also keep increasing and there is always one in it. Keep in mind that always make it easy for your customer and sell good and cheap products to him, then he will be happy when you come to the shop again, then they become a regular customers.


Always keep one thing in mind in the grocery store, which is your location, at the place where you are making your grocery store, you should always keep things according to your location, if there are schools etc., then you should have things for the children. If there is more there then you should keep more products for the houses, so similarly you have a job, you can become a grocery businessman.


  • 1 Pack of Pampers - 1SBD / 12steem / 1300pkr.

  • 12 pack of teapack - 0.5 SBD / 6steem / 650pkr

  • 2 Pack of 1.5 letter bottles - 1.5SBD / 12steem / 1950pkr.

  • 1 pack of 2.25 letter cold drink - 1SBD /12steem / 1300pkr

  • 6 Pack of Lays - 0.5SBD/6steem / 650pkr

  • 12 pieces pack of bathsoap - 1SBD / 12Steem / 1300pkr

  • 20 KG sugar 1.5SBD / 18steem / 1950pkr

  • 10 KG Cooking oil - 3SBD / 36steem / 3900pkr.

PKR is unit of Pakistan currency.

Business nameAli Grocery store
Owner name@aliimrankamboh
Business adressRajowal okara Pakistan.
About usClick here

Special thanks.

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 2 months ago 

Hello @aliimrankamboh , thank you for the sample of work and merchandise in stock. Certainly, you must always have merchandise that meets the needs of nearby customers in the area.

Thank you for the costs associated with your local currency and cryptocurrencies.

If you have not yet joined the Power Up program, I invite you to do so.

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thanku so much

 2 months ago 

Congratulations on your sales, and the new items you have added to your store. God keep multiplying you in products that generate a lot of profit.

thanku so much

Congratulations on your increased sales. Thank you for sharing about the additional items and about the prices associated with each item

thanks madam

Enhorabuena por el aumento de su inventario, bendiciones y venta rápida, saludos.

Hello @aliimrankamboh, it was nice to see the content of your inventory and all the material that has entered your business, in this way your breadth will be rewarded.

thanku so much

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