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  • Asslam o Alaikum everyone!

  • How're you doing today? I hope you are doing well and good and having a great day. May Almighty Allah bless you all with HIS countless blessings 🥰💯

Powering up is something that makes the relevant thing stronger

Now it's doesn't even matter that you are powerful yourself up or powering up your Steemit account. I wasn't taking much part in powering up just before the start of #club5050. And I thought that my steem power will go high without power up but I was totally wrong.

  • I took participate in #club5050 very excitedly and here we go with another power up. I know I'm not powering up too much but I'm doing this well with my at least or more than 50% of my liquid rewards.


Today I received 2.9 something SBD in my wallet as it was the reward from the last week's post in this community.
Then I converted it into steems. The value of SBD was 10+ steems in the morning when I converted them. So my total steems were 32.1..

  • Since I'm a club5050 participant so I needed to power up at least 50% or more than 50% steems. And that's what I did.
    So here we are having a look at that 3rd or maybe 4th power up of mine;


  • First of all you're seeing that I had 32 steems in my wallet which I wanted to power up at least 50% or more.


  • Now I needed to select the power up option from these 5 options as I had to power up the steems. I selected the powerup option as I indicated that in a red rectangle.


  • After that I needed to write the amount of steems that I wanted to power up. As I told you I had 32 steems so I needed to powerup at least 50% or more. So I decided to power up 17.1 steems from them. The amount was a bit more than 50%. After writing down the amount in the box that is in the red rectangle I pressed the Power Up option under that.


  • Now there you are seeing a confirmation page that the account was need you to confirm and re-read that you put the right information there.
    After having a skimming eye above I clicked the Okay that is indicated by me here.


  • They were asking for the private key or your Steemit account just to be sure that the wallet is being used by a real person. I pasted my key there in the box which is indicated by the arrow.


  • After pasting the key I signed in by clicking on the sign-in button which is indicated by the arrow and I powered up my steems in few seconds of loading after that.


  • Here you can see the wallet transaction history that I just powered up 17.1 steems.


  • So guys that all from me today. I will make the business post of mine maybe tomorrow morning. Today I thought to powerup my account and kept you guys updated with that. This community always been an ideal one for me as it's unique and cool and much supportive. This community is from one of those who respect your content anyways. I just love to work here 😍💯🥰💫

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see you all very soon with another post 🥰


 3 years ago 

@ahmadch49 , We are glad you are committing to club 5050, you can even be participatory at club 100 or 75.

Everything will be for your benefit and that of everyone, because united we are stronger and doing Power Up benefits your account, the community and steemit.

Thanks and regards.

 3 years ago 

Obviously... After powering up much steems through club5050 I will definitely take a part in club 75.. 🤗💯✅

 3 years ago 

You did a great thing
#club5050 💖💖

 3 years ago 

Thank you ❤️!

Congratulations on making the decision to work on growing your account!

 3 years ago 

Thank you:)

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