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Ahoy! Earlier this week the Hisuian Discoveries event ended. During this event, as part of the Ultra Unlock bonus from GO Fest Seattle, Panpour was appearing more often in the wild. This is a regional Pokémon found in America, that's why its Shiny form was released in the game during GO Fest Seattle. Just like earlier in in July with Pansear being globally available in an event after GO Fest Berlin.

For me, that was the first opportunity to catch this Pokémon several times in the game. Since I'm also always trying to get Lucky Pokémon to work on the Lucky Pokédex as well I definitely had to trade some Panpour. Which I ended up doing, with some friends we traded Panpour with each other to get it lucky.

It took a while, some days I had already traded all the Panpour I caught that day with friends without one of them becoming lucky. But eventually, still sometime during the event, with one trade it turned lucky!

With finally having a Lucky Panpour it was time to evolve it! Evolving it requires 50 Panpour Candy and a Sinnoh Stone.

Here you can see the stats of my Lucky Panpour, part of the evolution and the Lucky Simipour Pokédex registry.

Lucky Simipour Pokédex Registry.fw.png

Actually really good stats too, 12 Attack, 15 Defense and 15 HP.

Now I have Simipour in my regular Pokédex and also showing up in the Lucky Pokédex by doing one evolution.

As you can see, Pansage is still missing in my Pokédex as well as Simisage whose silhouette I don't even have in my Pokédex yet. But GO Fest Sapporo will be happening this weekend, so the Global Collection Challenge just like with the past two GO Fest events should reward us with a Pansage encounter!

Then during the event starting next week we'll likely see Pansage available in the wild globally for the duration of it.

Have you evolved Panpour to Simipour during or after the Hisuian Discoveries event?

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