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Ahoy, last month I posted about reaching level 46 and 47 in Pokémon GO. Which had both been posted with such a big delay, especially the level 46 one. When I posted those it was actually around the time that I reached level 48 already, so I am also posting about that with a big delay xD

I actually reached level 48 at the end of August, a few days after the final GO Fest day event took place in August. It was mostly the souvenirs objective that I didn't complete yet to level up. I had not been actively using Buddy Pokémon that already had 3 hearts, which is when they can get souvenirs. This seems to occur on average every 2 days.

My screenshots from the level 47 hit date back from halfway through May, so it's been about 3 months and a half between reaching level 47 and level 48. I did already have the exp much sooner, because as you may recall from my post about reaching level 47 I almost had the exp for level 48 already at that time. I just take my time and sometimes also wait for one of my friends to catch up a bit before levelling up.

Here are the screenshots from my level up. With Shadow Mewtwo as my Buddy Pokémon to bring me that last souvenir.

Level 48.fw.png

This level once again gives us a Special Research as well. So after levelling up Professor Willow comes to talk for a bit about reminiscing and looking back on our accomplishments. He mentions battling skills, but first I have to power up some Pokémon and make a lot of Nice Throws and a few Excellent Throws in a row.

Here you can see screenshots of what the Professor says and the first part of the challenge.

Special Research Challenge Level 48.fw.png

Now that I'm writing this post super late again compared to levelling up. I am still on that same step though, it's been completed but I'm just waiting to see what next Shadow Pokémon the leaders might have with them before I claim these Rocket Radars. It might be stupid to wait, because their next line-up could be way worse than the Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle line-ups they have now. But you never know.

Alright so now let's see those level 49 requirements.

Level 49 Requirements.fw.png

As you can see, this time I even have all the exp required to level up already. That's because there has been so much time between these level ups and I've just been getting more and more exp. Even as I'm writing this I'm getting closer and closer to the exp for level 50 already even if I still have to hit level 49. While writing this I have one more challenge left to hit level 49.

Let's take a look at these objectives.

The first objective is to make 10 trades with Pokémon caught at least 300 km apart. This one is easy to do if you sometimes hatch 7 km Eggs and join Remote Raids and then trade those bad IV ones with friends for Pokémon they caught where you live.

Then the next objective is to obtain 50 Lucky Pokémon in trades. It doesn't keep track of the Pokémon you've previously received Lucky yet, so this can require a lot of trading. I recently talked about how it took me almost 80 trades just to get Lucky Mareanie during the Fashion Week event. With luck like that it can take a while.

It's also required to send 500 gifts to friends. If you regularly do that this challenge easily gets completed. I still wish Niantic would increase the amount of gifts one can keep in their inventory though. If I go on a decent walk I easily spin waaaay more than 20 PokéStops/Gyms but I don't really stop to send gifts. It would be great if they'd increase the gifts we can collect and then send them after a walk.

The last objective is already completed by default for me. It did show up when I levelled up saying "Obtain 35 Platinum Medals". This means I already had enough Platinum Medals to cover it. One of my friends recently reached level 48 as well, but they were only at 33 of the 35 Platinum Medals. Luckily for them they're getting close to a few more Platinum Medals.

I have been trading a lot already, and I'm now less than 10 Lucky Pokémon from trades away from reaching level 49. It might be this month if there are some more interesting spawns to ask from trades, but we shall see. In any case I will try to make a post about that one really close around the time I hit the level up instead of waiting so long! xD

How goes your level progress?

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