Mega Gyarados Raid Day Recap

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Ahoy! This past Saturday, October 8th, we had a Raid Day event. This time the event took place from 2 pm through 5 pm. During the event all Gyms were hosting Mega Gyarados Raids for the full 3 hours. Up to 5 additional free Raid Passes could be received between 2 and 5 pm that day to challenge these Raids. With an increased chance Shiny Gyarados.

The day before with some friends and some others in our group we made plans to meet up at the same Gym where we meet to star with Raid Hour. We decided to meet up at 2 pm there to do a bunch of these Raids together.

However, it seems Niantic made a fuck up and in some of the earliest timezones the event already started at 11 am instead of 2 pm. At least they decided to let the event run for 6 hours everywhere then. So it became from 11 am to 5 pm basically. Which did lock all Gyms for 6 hours. Luckily it started early and didn't start too late, and luckily they did make it last 6 hours then even though it started early. Otherwise that would've really screwed people's plans if they decided to meet up and find the Raids gone.

With that fuck up, the Raids still lasted 3 hours, but at 2 pm when those Raids disappeared new ones immediately started.

One friend and I were a bit early at the meet up point, and we decided to give it a shot and try a Mega Gyarados before 2 pm already. Which we managed to defeat with just below 50 seconds left. Here are screenshots when the Gyarados fainted and it shows the speed of our battle which was 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

Duo Raid.fw.png

That was fun to do!

Then once all the others arrived, a new Raid appeared at that Gym after 2 pm so we joined them for another Raid on that same Gym. We walked around to some of the other nearby Gyms to do some more Raids. Currently we get 2 free Raid Passes, and during the Raid Day event we got 5 additional ones for 7 in total that day. Most of us stopped after 5 or 6 Raids to save another pass. I stopped after 6 Raids. Here you can see all 6 of the Gyarados I caught from those Raids.

6 Gyarados Raids.fw.png

One Shiny in there, seems like good odds! Unfortunately it was a 2-star Shiny and I do already have a 3-star Shiny Gyarados from much longer ago.

From those Raids I got a great amount of Gyarados Mega Energy.

Gyarados Mega Energy Gain.fw.png

As you can see in the above photo, I went from 428 Gyarados Mega Energy to 1703. Which was a 1275 gain. That's some solid amount to have now. I've recently been using Mega Gyarados a lot to boost Water- and Dark-type candy gains and exp during a recent event, and then even more after to boost Yveltal XL candy chance.

After the Raid Day, some of us still decided to go walk around to catch some Pokémon rather than going home and back out for a walk later. Which was great as it was some good weather outside, not too cold and quite sunny which made for an enjoyable walk.

Did you participate in that Raid Day?

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