Lucky Mareanie After Terribly Unlucky Amount of Trades & Shiny Fashion Week Pokémon

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Ahoy, the Fashion Week event in Pokémon has ended this Monday. I have been trading with friends to get Lucky Mareanie as it made its Pokémon GO debut during this event and with quite some spawns of it that's a good time to try and get it Lucky.

However I was met with such misfortune when it came to getting a Lucky Mareanie!

I already traded a few I think that I did throw away before I made sure to exclude Mareanie from the list of Pokémon I would transfer at the end of the day or two days.

One day I started to exclude the Mareanie from my search query in the storage to filter on transferring Pokémon, and because of that I was also keeping all the Mareanie that I received from trades.

Eventually I already had 74 !!!!! Mareanie in my storage that I received from trades. Which you can look up with the search query "traded&mareanie". Here you can see that search query gives me 74 Mareanie! In these photos you can see my Pokédex stats as well. So 74 of the 167 that I caught are actually from trades! Maybe even a few more. I did get this 93% IV Mareanie at 494 CP from a trade, it's the best one I got all event so I favorited it and keeping it for now.

74 trades still no Lucky.fw.png

I had been taking a few screenshots after every few Mareanie from trades. To keep track of how big my unlucky streak could become.

After those screenshots, later in the day I got another Mareanie from a trade with a friend and finally got a Lucky Mareanie!

Finally Lucky.fw.png

The Caught number went up since then, because I had also caught 1 Mareanie in between receiving this one from a trade. Finally Lucky though! So time to evolve it into Lucky Toxapex and get that Toxapex Pokédex registry.

Lucky Toxapex.fw.png

During the event I caught several Shiny Pokémon wearing a fashionable costume. Here is a screenshot of them.

Shiny during event.fw.png

Two Shiny Absol is really awesome! Unfortunately their stats are so low they're both 0-star when you appraise them, but still absolutely great to have them! I already had Butterfree and Kirlia since last year's event so they're not new. During Raid Hour I did a decent amount of Yveltal Raids and no Shiny at all, not with any of the other Raids that week. Sunday I went on a walk with some friends and finally got a Shiny Yveltal from one of the Raids we did!

I didn't use my Daily Adventure Incense all week, so I decided to use it again. And then I encountered that Shiny Onix from it! xD I love how it shows up a Shiny in the overview of the Incense when it's over! From that Incense I also had an encounter with Galarian Zapdos, only 47 CP but it still didn't stay in 😥

How did the event go for you? Did you get some Shiny Pokémon with the fashion week costumes?

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