Lucky Eelektross and Lucky Heliolisk Pokédex Registries

in Pokemon GO11 months ago


Ahoy! During the recent event of Evolving Stars, Tynamo and Heliolisk were amongst the event spawns. For the collection challenges it was important to evolve a few Pokémon, which included evolving Tynamo into Eelektrik. At that point I didn't have Eelektrik in my Pokédex yet, for a moment I even thought I had to evolve Clamperl into Huntail and was like "Huh? Clamperl isn't part of the event". Then I facepalmed myself when I realised the dark silhouette was that of Eelektrik. Because I already have Huntail in the Pokédex it simply couldn't have been that one xD I told this to a friend when I saw him later that day, and he apparently actually thought at first that it was Huntail as well 😂

The event also featured some Event Field Researck Tasks for Evolving 1 Pokémon for 500 Stardust or Evolving 3 Pokémon for 2000 Stardust. I've often tried to get two to three of these tasks and then evolve some frequently spawning Pokémon to complete those.

Tynamo spawning in the wild provided an easy way to catch one and evolve it to Eelektrik for the Collection Challenge, but I prefer evolving a Lucky one for the new Pokédex registry. That way I have the evolution line Lucky already as well and only have to evolve the whole line once instead of twice. I looked in my storage and yes I had a Lucky Tynamo that already dates back from last year that I just hadn't evolved yet 😅

Time to change that and evolve Tynamo into Eelektrik and then also immediately further into Eelektross. Here you can see my evolving of Lucky Tynamo, the EleFish Pokémon, into Lucky Eelektrik and Lucky Eelektross. With both their Pokédex registry as well.

Lucky Eelektross.fw.png

Another of the event spawns for which I didn't even have the evolution in the Pokédex yet was Helioptile. This Pokémon made its debut earlier this year. During the event I already traded it with friends and a got a Lucky Helioptile, but I had not evolved it then. The Lucky Helioptile was still sitting in my storage. I decided this event would be great to evolve it as well, even though I should've done it when it came out.

Here you can see my evolving of Lucky Helioptile, the Generator Pokémon, into Lucky Heliolisk and get the Pokédex registry as well.

Lucky Heliolisk.fw.png

Did you complete all the Collection Challenges during the Evolving Stars event?

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