Fashion Week Event 2022

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Ahoy! Earlier this week the annual Fashion Week event started in Pokémon GO. Again I'm quite late with posting about it since it started on the 27th 😅 I hope you did read about it on the official Pokémon GO site to have an idea about the event!

The event will remain active until Monday, October 3rd at 8 pm local time.

A lot of costumed Pokémon are appearing in the wild now, with a few more new additions as well. One of them can now evolve, which is Croagunk that can now evolve into Toxicroak with the costume. Diglett and Absol are newly added costume Pokémon this event. For some reason Diglett can be evolved into Dugtrio with the costume right away. Which doesn't make much sense to me honestly. If Croagunk with the costume can now evolve then at least let one of the other ones evolve instead of letting the newly costumd Diglett evolve right away xP But it is what it is. I do hope that next year the costumed Kirlia can evolve!

Absol with the costume as wild spawns is sooo awesome though! That allows to catch quite some Absol and work on the candy and look for a good one to Mega Evolve. Well that mostly goes for some of my friends as I do have a 100% IV Absol I once got from a Timed Research. Here are the new costumed Diglett and Absol, these are screenshots of the first ones I encountered.

Costume Diglett and Absol.fw.png

Two other Pokémon make their debut in Pokémon GO during this event. Those Pokémon are Mareanie and its evolution Toxapex. Mareanie, also known as the Brutal Star Pokémon, can evolve into Toxapex, also known as the Brutal Star Pokémon, for 50 Mareanie Candy.

Here is a screenshot of my first Mareanie encounter and my Mareanie Pokédex registry.

Mareanie Registry.fw.png

Most of the costumed Pokémon featured in the event can be found in the wild and in Field Research tasks. Except for the costumed Smoochum and Shinx. Smoochum can only be found in 7 km Eggs obtained during the event. This also applies to Shinx, but on top of that Shinx with the costume can also be found in the 1-star Raids.

I'm using Mega Gyarados during this event, to boost the Candy and exp when catching Mareanie, Frillish and Absol. Of course it depends on which Pokémon your main focus would be.

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