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RE: Family Friendly HEAVY METAL?!? Hell yeah! \m/

in Heavy Metal6 months ago

As I started reading this post, in my head all I could think was "please mention Hevisaurus, please mention Hevisaurus!" Great read... I'm really excited to have more metalheads talking about what drives them. I'm not a parent myself, but I absolutely enjoy hevisaurus' work and this is definitely something I never really thought about. There's so many different angles to metal that there are definitely powerful and positive messages that are better for kid ears :) . Slay Duggee has my favourite version of baby shark of all time 😂🦈😊


We need more child-oriented bands!
Or more friendly ways of introducing metal to people, like this video mash-up with the infamous song by Lesley Gore which is a perfect example of how people in corpse paint aren't that scary. :D

I agree, Slay Dugee's "Baby Shark" cover is ace!

Thanks for the support!

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