Thoreau on “civil disobedience” in our current time of technocratic domination

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New research in medical science concludes that personalized and precision medicine is more favorable than universal general medicine. This means that one size does not fit all, so the concept of a universal vaccine is flawed. Some elites are calling for us all to be forced into a mandatory covid-19 vaccine but the fact is that we are individuals and as a result we each have a unique biological system. Our biology varies from person to person on a health level. What may be good for me may not be good for you.
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The Kennedy vaccine act from 1962 currently determines the law around the subject in USA, but it is based on flawed info. This was recognised in 1986 already. Also Ted Kennedy created barriers to us suing medical corporations over vaccine injuries. He basically shielded vaccine pharmaceutical companies. Robert Kennedy is pro vaccine for all. But in my opinion governments should not be in control of individual medicine. This kind of centralized approach to personalized medicine is quite inappropriate and should be resisted. We must not let our governments have the final say in how we deal with our individual bodies and our personal health.

And this statement is not just my opinion. It was voiced almost 200 years ago already by that great American writer, poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau (who wrote Walden). He lived from 1817 to 1862 and was a pioneer in the transcendentalist school, as well as actually falling into the category of an anarchist. Today we look back and see that his life and writings apparently influenced the likes of Tolstoy, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, among others. It was in his essay “Civil Disobedience” that he wrote

“I heartily accept the motto – ‘That government is best which governs least’...That government is best which governs not at all’ and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.”

Writing during the Mexican war back then, he gives it as an example of how the government can be used against the will of the people it is supposed to be serving. Few people actually agreed to the war. This sounds strangely similar to Vietnam and Iraq and probably numerous of the other wars fought by the government of America. And if the people seldom really favor these wars, then we have to ask ourselves, “who do these wars benefit,” or who wants these constant wars, if the masses of the people do not actually want them?

And are we not enslaved by our govt right now under fake pretences. Are we not being systematically crushed by our central government in the name of a pandemic? Worse still, the same government seems to be under the influence of the modern era leaders known as technocrats, specialists in their fields. For example Bill Gates and Dr Fauci are accepted by the masses as the front men for the elite. They and not the politically elected leaders, are calling the shots, pun intended. And in an age of popularism, as we have today, crowds are moved by such men of prestige. If they are super rich, then that in itself seems to qualify them. Trump himself is just such a man of prestige. And they appear to want to get more and more involved in our personal lives, right down to mandating compulsory universal vaccines for all of us.

Thoreau went on to say in his essay “Governments show thus how successfully men can be imposed on, even impose on themselves for their own advantage.” Nowhere is this more evident than today. The government has us self-imprisoning and more, all under the pretence of a pandemic which appears to be a hoax. The CDC themselves are backtracking on their statements regarding the contagion capability of this virus, as well as the mortality rate, which was the scare tactic used to lock us down in the first place. Now they want to vaccinate us all too. However, not only are we seeing a massive over-reach of government, but we are also seeing the masses blinded by fake science, as well as the imposition of antiquated medical intervention in the guise of a universal vaccine.

Perhaps there is no more relevant time in history than now to review the writing of Thoreau, whose essay on civil disobedience was originally published under the title of “Resistance to civil government”. It is at times like these that citizens have to sand up against threats both foreign and domestic. The government has decided to dominate our lives entirely by taking away our civil liberties while preparing to usher in the “great reset”, planned by globalists at the Davos World Economic Forum earlier this year already, before any global pandemic was even announced. Of course, even civil disobedience protests can be hijacked by controlled opposition in the guise of Antifa, who act as anarchists paid by the elite to incite violence and looting, all for the covert sake of dismantling civil structures like the local police, so that they can bring in the world police or a more militant control of the masses.

In what appears to be a covert communist takeover of the democratic capitalist system of the west, a totalitarian regime is fooling us with the ruse of open elections and a choice of candidates, while all along our vote meant nothing in a fully rigged ballot system. Ultimately the government and particularly the elite no longer need a large labor force because they don’t need tax payers, nor do they need manpower. With the rolling out of QE on steroids, or the unlimited printing of unbacked currency by the trillions of dollars, we can see now that paying tax is not needed to run a country. Also with the lockdown we have seen that fringe services are not needed, and with the rolling out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, labour will simply be removed. In fact by 2025 it is predicted that around 50% of the entire work force will be removed, or made redundant as AI comes in to take up the jobs.

For the elite, we the masses are no longer needed. And with the eugenicist Gates pushing for us all to receive his vaccination, which may have a cocktail of chemicals in it, including any type of sterilization they wish, we could all be lining up to be culled as a species. Culling the herd is what is done when it gets too large. Are we the sheep awaiting our slaughter, albeit in a subtle way of sterilizing us to stop population growth, all in the guise of a mandatory vaccine and microchip?

Thoreau was a nature lover and also placed much more value on personal experience, particularly in nature. We could do with that today, for it is, after all, the expanse of nature that is revitalizing to the health in times like these where rumors of a pandemic rage, yet we are confined to our indoor shelters without licence to access nature as freely as we would wish under lockdown. Thoreau’s appreciation for simple living, or austerity, is something long lost and forgotten among the masses, as an alternative style of being that facilitates a healthier life. Now the masses are hooked on consumer products to the point of obesity. All thanks to our leaders and the system of legal murder via the advertising of toxic products along with the over-prescription of toxic drugs by big pharma. And Gates is the front man for big pharma right now.
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To conclude, as big government rears its head today, totally dominating the free citizens like seldom before in modern history of the west, perhaps it’s time to remember the transcendentalists like Thoreau and their insightful words. Another quote of his says “I think that we should be men first and subjects afterward.” For men, he says, all individually have a conscience and that is the ultimate determining factor. That is why we don’t need to give up our conscience or decision making power to a “legislator”, as he calls it. Government is meant to serve the people, and the will of the people. What we have right now is nothing like that. We have an elite who have pulled the wool over our eyes with a sham pandemic, as a front behind which they can collapse the broken financial system, introduce their great reset and rob us of our last vestiges of freedom and liberty as enshrined in the constitution and in the declaration of human rights. This is a coup, by the hidden elite, using our own governments against us, But we have Thoreau and his insights, based on his experience of a domineering government back almost 200 years ago already. It is up to us whether we remember our past or be doomed to relive it.