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Our area in Bohol is widely known for its beautiful white sand beaches and I agree with that because indeed, this island is filled with several beach resorts which do not just offer fun but also the luxury of quietness, peace, and just jaw dropping natural beauty.


Allow me to share with you the amazing Parklane Bohol Resort and Spa!


Summer is the best time to come to Bohol. Some of our friends from Cebu came to visit our town in Bohol and as a way of hospitality, we showed them around our town and even the neighboring areas. Our dear friends enjoyed their time with us for a whole week so before going back to Cebu, they invited us to the resort which we recommend that they visit. It was unexpected that they would treat us but we decided to accept it wholeheartedly because it's an invitation from dear friends.

To get to Parklane Bohol Resort and Spa, we have to travel for around 15-20 minutes from our house in Guindulman. Anda is just a neighboring town but it is also very accessible because the roads are concrete and there are no traffic at all! This is located at Candabong, Anda, 6311 Bohol.


However, from the highway, we still had to take a right turn and go into a rocky road but it was alright, there were kids we found along the way too. The path going to the resort has trees and local homes at the sides.


We traveled there with our car but if one has to travel by public vehicle, it is best to take a tricycle, a public vehicle with three wheels which are available from the main town towards Anda. There are also habal-habal or motorcycle for hire, you can hail one. The fare going to Anda is around Php 100 or less depending on your haggle skills.

As we arrived at the resort, we immediately went to the beach. The resort by the way is still being modified today. This resort was known to be East Coast White Sand Beach Resort for a few years ago until the hotel Parklane bought it, this was a Cebu-based hotel that ventured into business in Bohol specifically in Anda.

We adored how beautiful and clear the waters was. The beach shore is just short but very clean and intimate. This is a sought-out place in fact but that day, it was as if we had the place to ourselves. There were other guests around but they preferred to be at the other end of the beach. There are many stairs too which have access to the seawaters.


We have to keep ourselves under the shade because it was very hot that morning. Thankfully, there were boulders of rock which were the cliff on which some of the room buildings were constructed too. It's just amazing how the waves had created this shape from hundreds if not thousands of years of the waves crashing into the shoreline.


Aside from the beach, the resort also has a lot of pools to enjoy. This one here was the first pool that we took advantage of. Because most of the guests were at the beach, we decided to check out the pools this time after we took time at the beach area.


This is an infinity pool in a circular shape, it has a deep of around 6 feet but there's a shallower area too next to the stairs. Connected to it is also a Jacuzzi pool and that's where my little one enjoyed his time! He played with the bubbles over there!

There were two more pools, one in front of the resort's inhouse restaurant. The restaurant offers buffet breakfast for inhouse guests. The second one is near the spa hut. This one is my favorite among all the pools because it has a jacuzzi set on top of the infinity pool and when one sits on the water, it creates a waterfall effect down into the pool underneath.


This pool is also huge, there are areas where the water is shallow so kids can play and run around by themselves, of course it is still better to look after them.

The entrance fees for those who are going there for walk in purposes only is priced at Php 500 or 39.4 Steem which includes plated lunch already. I find this really reasonable considering that there's already a meal that comes with it.

Here are the available options for the walk in guests' lunch meals:

  • Pork Sisig
  • Pork sinugba
  • Pork humba
  • Buttered chicken
  • Chicken adobo
  • Fish fillet sweet n sour
  • Fish fillet with lemon
Their other food options have prices that starts from Php 150-300 or 11.82-23.64 Steem which are also good for sharing. Unfortunately, when our food was served, I wasn't able to take photos of the food.

Matti was really loving his time at the resort. This was not our first time to come here though, back when it was still East Coast, we had been here like three or four times and we always enjoy their beach and the pool! It's always a fun thing to be here and Matti felt that way. Just look at his face right here:



Parklane Bohol Resort and Spa offers kayaking too, they have a diving board for those who love adventure and if it's a high tide, one can dive into the sea from one of the cliffs in the resort. There are also offers of Bohol tours which can be set up with the personnel at the front desk.

My husband was also glad and thankful for the offer that was given to us. Thanks a lot to our friends who were really generous to us and had treated here. I am rating the resort 8/10. I am keeping the two points away because there are still a lot of things that are still being repaired. I love this resort and the amenities that it comes with it but there's always a room for improvement of course!

Thanks a lot for reading this entry to The Best Travel Destinations in My City!


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 2 years ago 

Thank you for sharing this post. It's such a lovely space to spend a entire day with family members of course. Get verified soon to count with a travel tag with us. ☺️ Regards 👍🏼

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Have a nice day !

I thought i had verified already. Let me check the steps on how to do that.. thanks

 2 years ago 

Very nicely presented post. The moment spent with the family was very pleasant. I like the little baby very much. Good luck to you.

 2 years ago 

How I wish I could visit that place too ate, I really love the view and the beaches... Wohhh... While watching the photos, I can imagine how wonderful that place be... God Bless you ate and thank you for sharing. 😇

thanks pas.. indeed it was a great place!

 2 years ago 

Wow! Ka nice diay sa Bohol, puhon we can travel there, too.

yes ate.. you should visit Bohol too

Thanks Daryl and Dawn for this opportunity again! We appreciate it a lot! Matti loved his experience at the resort!

yes thanks a lot to our dear friends for this opportunity again!

wow sana all naman nakaadto ug Parklane!

Hays gikutasan ko nakakita sa nga food ,ja kaligoon pod ko sa pool my goodness

What a beautiful place Sis! Sigurado enjoy na enjoy kayo and of course si Matti!!

I know where to go next time. Sooner or later I will be home again and promise I will be on that place. Good luck!

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