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Hello Dear Friends!

It is very nice to Greet You 🌍🙏

I don’t know with what to start. 😁 It was a very nice journey until today 14 may. So… if you have read the other posts of mine, you know that we are willing to plant 1000 🌳 in our village. So we have thought to go to a TV Show here in Moldova to try to win 🥇 and to gains some money for our #environment fight.

You see us here, 🤗😁 My wife is the Captain 👩‍✈️. Unfortunately we have lost in the las round and we have not won the price, 1300€ guys. With so much money we could manage and to plant 🌱 all the decorative trees 🌲 that we imagine are suitable for Moldova.

Anyway, we have lost, but we have not stopped.


After the Show we have bought 11 trees 🌲, maple 🍁 trees. It was night when we have plant them. 10:30 pm.
It is known that in the spring the trees are very hard to catch, the problem is that they need to develop their root and at the same time to support the crown with leaves. Of these 11 maples, one is unfortunately in the process of drying out, I don't think it manages to withstand, the rest so far are ok. I was lucky that just after I planted them in our park, we had two days of rain, which helped them a lot to acclimatize to the new place.


A week later I bought 9 more maples and 4 lindens. I planted them, the conditions were less pleasant for the trees because the heat came, we had to water them as often as possible. The maple trees are doing well now. Of the 20 maples in total so far, only one is likely to be lost. Lime trees are much more sensitive, two lime trees are already dry. At least I hope that the root will try to grow, if not, already in autumn we were trying to plant massively to reach our target of 1000 trees. So far we have 24 plants out of 1000, 21 are alive.


With planting trees we have left it for the autumn 🍂
Now we do just cleaning and all we do now is maintain the lawn. We mow and mow and mow the grass again and again.




Now it's just the two of us, most of the free time I have, mowing and I can't do anything else. The ground is very big and I am alone, the growth rate of the grass exceeds me. But I don't give up, I get annoyed when I call Cité for someone to have dinner to help me and he tells me that he is coming and in the end he doesn't show up, I calm down then and go on alone. This is my crusade, I do it with pleasure and with the greatest pleasure. I spend all my free time on this land. I'm sure that when people see what they look like, they will be attracted to the beautiful, and it's just a matter of time. And the key to success is patience and perseverance, with these two I will do great things. 🙏🌍🌱


Please save the 🌎 and care the Nature. Love U all.

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