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Good afternoon steemian and steemian friends who join the virtual world of blockchain, which is a steem platform that is already majestic in various nations and countries with a writing style or material that will be posted to every community that we like and I choose to share with Steem -the environmental community.

My respects to steemian friends who join the steemit platform by faithfully sharing posts in different communities according to the photo capacity they have so that these great writers understand what they are going to post so it's easy to write and share it with their community to share steemit content.


Let me share a post on the occasion of this holiday about nature-Indonesia which is in need of help or help from all of us who are aware of the environment and sensitive to the natural surroundings, it is very unfortunate that the conditions of nature and the environment for now are that nature can't speak but nature only enjoy the cloudy taste and the heat of the plants that have become airy.

not all humans are the same thoughts and the same ideology but sometimes humans have forgotten about the environment, therefore we need to do socialization to people whose lives are a little deeper or to people whose activities often wander in the wild or in the wild, it's a shame if the mountain water can't again flowing as usual but for this moment the water in the mountains became cloudy and dry.


Nature has become a place of economic livelihood that no longer cares about the consequences we carry out illegal logging, the trees are withered, no more water is absorbed by the trees that live alone in nature, also wood that has little quality can be sold so there is no again the parent to drop the seeds or the way he develops so that he will be the next successor.

From this incident, let's be ourselves so that we are sensitive to the environment around us, so that this life may be comfortable and calm and far from natural disasters that we don't want or the consequences of natural logging, we need to know that we need each other well. (humans, nature, and animals) because of that there is a time when we need each other and help each other and trust each other.





Thank you to the #Steem-Environment community and friends Moderators and always excited for us to fight in getting support from friends or from the #Steem #Steemit community.

Special Thanks to :
@steemcurator01 | @steemcurator02

best regards @palang

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Hi @palang , Thank you for sharing an interesting post about the environment.

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Thank,s pak

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Sama sama

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

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