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RE: THE DIARY GAME : 27-10-2020 | 10 Days Later, Again! | What Activities Did I Do Today?

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Hello @alikoc07, so nice to read your diary article calling my name, and of course I immediately come here to read your post. I worked 10 hours in office and it's quite a hectic life living double life as office worker and a blogger, but I always try my best to check steemit whenever the time allows me to.
Spinach pastry... I never actually eats any spinach pastry before, must be a tasty bread. I am also a coffee lover, I loved latte, cappuccino, Nescafe and any type of coffee that smells good. Thank you for that announcement of my winning, really appreciate your kind award and will continue to support your contest with quality post. Your house and the town must be really near and that's why you don't need to fill too much petrol to go there. I loved watching Turkey drama, and I can see the food there is so much tasty and I really dream of going to Turkey to eat Turkish breakfast, hahaha always thinking about food but eat little bit and I will be full. That's all for now, please take care and Have a Nice Day! cheers, ainie