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Flowers are one of the gifts that exist on our earth and as the wise say, every flower is a soul that blooms and adorns this nature. Flowers are one of the lights that exist throughout the garden and bring joy to many people around them, their elegance and subtle touch makes us all amazed and delighted with him. This is why flowers are seen as the most beautiful and very dear gift by everyone and are always given to special people in their lives.

Flowers never think of competing with the flowers that are next to them and even flowers continue to bloom and wither, flowers are never jealous of each other because they will eventually wither too.

flowers are one of the most extraordinary natural beauty that ever existed, flowers are a symbol of beauty in our life and flowers can also make everything more beautiful, even without the presence of flowers this world is not so perfect.


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Here I will tell you a little about flowers and their lives because flowers have a life like us too.


flowers that have just come out of seeds or round grains on flower plants are like babies in the womb of a woman who has just arrived to complete everything. starting from one month to nine months in the mother's womb, now the long-awaited moment has come. after fertilization that occurs in the mother's womb, and fertilization itself generally only occurs when two weeks.


and when it has spent three weeks in the mother's womb and over time and the fertilized egg is now starting to develop as well. So that already formed in the uterus blood cells are formed and hundreds of other cells develop as well. then the blood circulation begins and the second heart starts also has started to beat slowly.


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Time after time has now arrived at the sixth to ninth month of the week, the baby which was only formed like an egg is now a face with large circles for the eyes, nose, mouth, to the ears and lower jaw and the baby's throat has begun to form and now the mother's outer stomach has begins to form like the letter C.

and development in the womb continues to develop from time to time, even the fetus that was only formed in the head is now starting to grow again and has taken the form of the baby's hands and feet. And the more the fetus develops, the mother's stomach is getting bigger and now it's doubled from before.


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Nine months have passed now that a different fetus in the mother's womb has entered the age of nine months and now is the time for what is inside the mother's stomach is ready to come out and see the outside world. And the baby who just came out saw a new world and she kept crying and waving her arms she kept crying.

Until at the age of 3 to 4 months the baby has started to crawl compared to what used to be just lying on his mother's lap, time goes on and the slightest changes occur, what used to be crawling is now able to walk and is happier with his life now and feels like he wants to. be bigger than now.

The years passed and now he is a teenager and his youth and adulthood also have a better understanding of the life around him, and after the end of his adulthood he is now entering old age which in old age is the period around human life and At that time humans were susceptible to various diseases.


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a flower that was once alone and now has a small fruit that sticks to it and accompanies it, after that the small fruit opens slowly over time into a small flower that has formed and removes the feeling of loneliness from its own stem.

time goes on now she is more blooming and looks very beautiful than before, with the beauty of the flowers she has made the plants happier and more beautiful than before.

After a few weeks after the blooming of flowers, now the flowers begin to wither and fall from the stems, but the flowers never feel sadness because they believe that those who will accompany and decorate them will come back again. And here I will close the story that is in myself and enjoy it.


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© 2021 All Original Photo.REDMI 9C. @partner-macro Location

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that's all from me @partner-macro and this is all I can tell you all about flower life which is very similar to human life. And hopefully it will be useful for all of you and my warmest regards to all and continue to give the best.

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