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Hello fellow steemians! I hope you are all doing great today.

Today, I'd like to share my experience when we went to Cebu Ocean Park.
These were the times when it's nice to look back, the times when we don't think when we leave the house that we are free to go anywhere. This was way before pandemic.
Cebu Ocean Park is the first marine park in Visayas and Mindanao, and has the largest Oceanarium in the Philippines, and it's actually bigger than Manila Ocean Park with function spaces and a food hall. It is located at SM Seaside Complex Mambaling, Cebu City.



We are also lucky that we have a friend who was given the opportunity to enter the Ocean Park Cebu for free because the ticket was given by their company. This was my first visit here and it's amazing in size and extent, it's so beautiful that you're in a big aquarium. It's fun to see different colors of coral and fish, there are small and big ones that you can imagine they will eat you. Kidding aside!



I was so fascinated by the wide variety of unique species, and I was able get a closer look at the marine animals where I can only see in books and social media. It's definitely an educational one for young generation. Hopefully, when everythings back to normal I'll be able to come back again together with my family.



Deep Tank Lagoon with 360 Degree View


Jungle Trek


Creepy Critters



Multi Animal Show

I hope you enjoy viewing/reading my short experience of mine.

To all the people behind this community, thank you for all the unending support and hearing our story.

Keep safe and healthy!



Amazing place to visit. Thanks for sharing your content ma'am.

Thanks for appreciating sir.

how much is the entrance fee mam?

Before it's 800, I'm not really sure how much now.

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