Designing Steemshirt For Steem Japan As Our Preparation For The Incoming Meet-ups

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As part of the Steem Japan Team, I always look forward to finding alternatives how to promote this beloved community to the public. One of the easiest ways I've known and seen from other communities too is to have steemshirts. Although this design is not official yet, and it doesn't have an official logo of steem Japan I am hoping by wearing this, helps promote Steem Japan. The design was more on Steem's official logo. It's been a month since we've planned about having these shirts for our future meet-up or even wear them casually anywhere hoping this will enhance Steemit promotion. That feeling of satisfaction while wearing this shirt, it makes me feel proud "Steemian”!


As you have seen the design is very simple, in front it has an official Steemit logo and at the back the Steemit banner
“ write, post, invest, earn”.



We hope this will attract more people and stimulate their curiosity about what steemit is. Last Sunday, together with @rfprincess we had finally worn it in our mini meet-up with one of our friends @chrisinhach. We also invited her to join us again and help her make a new account. I hope she will be active in Steem Japan community too. I told her to finish all the achievement tasks to familiarize herself with how steemit works. And hopefully, she will continue to promote Steemit here in Japan, as I am leaving Japan soon. This week we are about to have another meet-up. This time it will be held in a park. It is a Filipino Community gathering and perfect timing to share Steem Japan with them. Maybe there are Japanese also joining us. This is a great start to introduce Steemit here since people here are not familiar with Steemit yet. Though I know it is very challenging for me because of this pandemic, still I have a positive outlook that this meet-up strategy will bring a beautiful beginning of Steemit in Japan.


Greetings to;

20% pay out of this post goes to Steem Japan.

Lets keep on Steeming!


About the Author
Welcome ! Juichi is a father and a culinarian. He loves to travel together with his family and share their adventures. Currently he lives in Japan. He blogs about life, travel, recipes, DIY and restaurant reviews. Thank you for your support. どうもありがとうございました.

 2 months ago 

nindot naa pud mi ing ani

 2 months ago 

Puhon maam, magtihom sa ta..😂 simple lang siya nga design, elegant pud siya tan awn.

 2 months ago 

yes very attractive kaayo

 2 months ago 

tshirt pud amu gidumtan sir.

 2 months ago 

Daghan gyud ganahan ani nga design..😂

 2 months ago 

ang color pud,

 2 months ago 

Goodluck to your promoting #steemit their japan sir @juichi. Nice shirt design.

 2 months ago 

Thanks ma'am.

 2 months ago 

👍👍 good act sir.

Very good promo-steem, great work to promote steemit, good luck always @juichi

 2 months ago 

Thanks @taillah.

You are welcome @juichi

nice sir ❤️

 2 months ago 

Thaks maam.

 2 months ago 

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Ang ganda sir.

 2 months ago 

Salamat sir..

 2 months ago 

Wow good job sir

Simple yet elegant.

So happy to see bisag naa mo diha sa layo sir @juichi you still unite for steemit,

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