Day 859: 5 Minute Freewrite: Helpful Weaver

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Photo by me @whatisnew

Helpful Weaver

The spider is the insider, the web resider,
The web she weaved is her meal provider.
Insects get stuck in her prey collider,
Her long legs make for a fast strider,
To feed quickly or wrap for later; the decider.
The helpful weaver is a mosquito downsizer.
I cringe with fear, a spider outsider,
Arachnophobe, not a misquider.

Thanks for stopping by!

Day 859: 5 Minute Freewrite Challenge initiated by @mariannewest. Wednesday-Prompt: insider

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Good poem! It was always difficult for me to find the perfect rhyming words.

Thanks @bree1042! I love to rhyme. Thanks for stopping by! : )

I randomly read your poem. I like the rhymes. But I wonder how many other people read it? To be honest, nowadays the real human comments are rare on the Steem blockchain. I am (and many other people are) disappointed in this platform.

Hi @xplosive! Many changes have been made here and I understand your disappointment. I found that it is best to belong to a community whose members support each other. Hopefully, at least one human comment will be given. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by. : )

I'm here! You're here. We bring our own cheer (you see, rhyming is contagious). @whatisnew does have a natural talent. I don't :))

I want to be a misquider, a misquider I want to be
misquiding looks like so much fun
It's the life for me
But I guess I'm just an Aracnaphobe
and that's the way I'll stay
for when I see a spider
I run the other way.

What a great addition once again partner! I run the other way screaming. LOL!

Put me out of my misery, what's a misquider?

I am the one who is usually asking you about your words. LOL! A misguider is one who misleads, misinforms.

Ah, I see, the 'Q' is a 'G". Now why didn't I cop that?

I'm bottoms up today partner and we'll be through it in minutes.

Am I glad I stopped by today. :)))

Hahaha, thanks. There are some things I just cannot resist.

That was a great and beautiful poem @whatisnew, spiders are quite interesting creatures, even if I guess you are afraid of them, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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Thanks for your kind words and support! You know how much it means to me. : ) Sorry for the late reply. I am going through some health issues.

Thanks @whatisnew, yeah those are never fun, I hope you will recover soon, stay awesome.

lol..howdy again Butterfly! I was thinking that just looking at that web probably gave you the creeps! Great writing though!

You know me well Jonboy! I only stayed long enough to get some photos and then I high tailed it out of there.

I knew it! lol..they ARE kinda creepy, I admit that. Around here the spiders build webs in the evening and when I go out late at night there are huge ones from the trees connected to the ground that are lit up by my flashlight. They must make them super fast because they aren't there in the daytime.

OMG! How creepy. If I lived there I wouldn't go out at night. Heebie-jeebies!

lol..that's true, you wouldn't be able to go outside the yard. At night is when all kinds of creepy things come out. lol.

A lovely poem @whatisnew. I like to see the weaver spiders as like you say they are a mosquito downsizer.

Thanks Jo! I like anything that kills mosquitoes...even spiders. LOL!

Clever, clever rhyme. I lay claim to several phobias (oh, yes). But oddly, not spiders. As long as they're not too big. Don't like the red ones, either.
Great stuff as usual. And of course, @deirdyweirdy makes it perfect.

Thanks AG! I do love @deirdyweirdy's additions. I am dying to know at least one of your phobias. Please tell. : )'s the worst. Actually crippling: a fear of cliffs. It's quite specific. Makes travel by auto difficult. I have to map the route (actually visualize Google maps in satellite version) and make sure there are no sheer cliffs along the way. Hard on anyone in the car with me, because if we should make a mistake and end up on a 'cliff road', I behave very, very, badly.
Fortunately, Long Island is extremely flat :))

I know all too well about behaving badly in situations like that. I refuse to drive over a bridge and I have been a passenger in a car when someone else was driving over a bridge. I had a panic attack and some people were shocked at my behavior. Others will not understand unless they have walked in our shoes. Such is life for those of us who suffer with phobias. Avoidance is key for both of us.

Wow! That is the first time in my life anyone completely understood exactly what I experience. I've got the bridge thing down Ok, as long as I don't look down. But cliffs, forget it. Ingrained. I've tried everything. Doesn't work. Just a horror. Well, friend in phobic reactions. Nice to meet you :))