Just Another Covid19 Quarantine Experience

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I finally went grocery shopping yesterday. I have been avoiding the stores because of the whole Covid-19 issue. Our governor, Tom Wolfe, made it mandatory that all Pennsylvanians wear a mask when they are in public and stores should refuse entry.

I would just rather not shop. Grocery shopping has become a tense event, it seems, with people looking suspiciously at one another as they push carts down the aisles; some people, including employees, were wearing masks, some people, including employees were not wearing masks. It feels as though everyone is suspicious of one another, or they are wondering if you're judging them if they do not wear a mask. All in all... the whole shebang just feels awkward.
The store did not refuse entry to anyone.

Prior to yesterday the last time I went grocery shopping was before the real quarantine so I was out of practically everything.

I spent my morning working on creating a mask from an old shirt. I watched a couple of videos and came up with some sort of haphazard plan and then I cut off a sleeve of an old blouse. I was trying to do a no-sew but it really didn't look good enough to pass so I stitched up the sides. The material was a bit slippery so in order to make sure that the mask wasn't going to fall off of my face every time I turned around, I put my hair up in a ponytail and then tied the mask over the top of the ponytail wore a hat to adjust height then off we went to Walmart in Meadville.

I purchased $200 worth of groceries and hope I don't have to go back again for a while. Some states are opening up while ours is seems to be locked down with an iron glove. At this point the President says that it's up to the independent governors of each state to decide. Are not required in Florida now or before and they are currently opening the beaches there.

I, personally, cannot wait until this whole hibernation ends. It coincides with a cold Springtime and we had up to four inches of snow a couple of days ago. It is currently 45°F here. I feel cooped up like a rat in a cage.

There was a blessing in all of this weekend though... my three siblings and I held our first Zoom meetings. Saturday it was my brother, his wife, my sister and her husband and myself. Sunday we all met at 4:00. This meeting was with my two sisters, my brother, my nephew and we were introduced to our niece who we had not met before. My sister was adopted at birth and found us two years ago. Since then we have a family chat where we text back and forth quite often. This, however, was the first time all four of us were in the same meeting at the same time. My wedding what's supposed to be the first face-to-face meeting for my two sisters who haven't yet met in person.

I hope everyone is doing fine... My back is improving a little bit day by day because I started physical therapy last week. I'm going stir-crazy because it reminds me of the days back when I wasn't allowed to go anywhere with my controlling husband. I'm yearning for once and sunshine! I'm going to try to start writing regularly again now that my back is a little bit better. Take care!

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I found your notification in HIVE and I have come here to leave my comment, I have already written your article. I hope that you remain safe in this quarantine and that everything goes to the best. With love.

Thank you, @felixgarciap. I pray that you remain safe as well!

Thank you for my blog visit

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