Dinner Party

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She cringed sitting across from her sister's boyfriend, Shane. He chewed his food loudly with his mouth open and made wet smacking sounds in between each mouthful. Michelle sat next to him in a white sundress, pregnant belly peeking up from the table. She laughed at his jokes apparently uneffected by his ill manners.

Shellane felt her belly curl with loathing every time she caught him looking at her. Her skin crept across her arms in ripples and she crossed her arms to hide it. It was all she could do to remain seated. She bit the inside of her cheek and tasted the strong iron taste of her blood. She picked up her wine and swished it in her mouth. The food, although her Mom's and always delicious, tasted like gritty sand in his company.

"So when are you leaving for Germany, Michelle?" said her father.

"Next week, Dad. I told you yesterday."

"Hmm," he responded while cutting a piece of bbq steak smothered in mushrooms.

Michelle glanced sidelong at her sister. She pushed her chair back and stood up. Stepping aside from the table she picked up her purse from the end table by the door.

"I wanted to do this differently, but I can't stay here anymore with him at this table."

Michelle's head jerked up and her mouth dropped in shock.

"Mom and Dad, I'm pregnant and he," she pointed at Shane, "is the father of this baby. I'll you call from Germany."

"Good luck, Sis," she shot at Michelle as she jerked the door closed behind her.


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt loathing.
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OMG I get caught by this story...

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