Room service

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Life is good, life is great life is easy.
No need to wake up or stay up late.
Who needs a wire basket if you already have it all? That is all in one?
I spend day and night hanging around. My back is fine thanks for asking but the room service is bad.
If it's time to eat I need to fight and struggle to get out of here. The bowl with food is never nearby. It's exhausting to walk to the kitchen so many times. That's why I empty the entire bowl even if my stomach can't handle it all and I vomit on the kitchen floor. It's good to have my own cleaning lady who takes care of it all.



Describe what you see
The fat, lazy not very healthy cat
Describe what you feel
Stomach ache. The easy way of living. Don't think this cat will ever catch a mouse.

See @freewritehouse for the contest #pic1000
I used an older prompt 'wire basket' provided by @mariannewest

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