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Incredible that you can produce this as a freewrite. There is so much depth and thematic substance, I imagine I could spend 5 or 6 years contemplating how to revise this into a seamlessly constructed poem. But perhaps it doesn't need that. As I read it, this is about the legacy of slavery and imperialism in Africa. Do you feel this pain?

Everything I write nowadays is coming from a place of freewrites. Anything else is too much work. Yes it stemmed from a history class. Thank you for always taking the time to read what I cough up alphabetically :)

This is not a daily 5 minute freewrite

Lol. Calm yourself. I have always written this way and your community has always excluded it.

This community is for the freewriters who use the daily prompt and the freewritehouse only. Please, remove your post it will be muted.


You can mute it as I am unsure how to remove it.

Hi Tezmel and welcome back.. Sorry their community is rude and unhelpful when it was an honest mistake. You can just remove that tag.

Would have been great if they had welcomed you and told you how to participate.

Hey, @whatsup, glad to see you cruising here as well. I have a question, which may be profoundly simple, but I don't know how to figure it out without someone's help. Do you know how to add a curator to an account? This is for the Creative Coin Fund. Is it just a matter of sharing the posting key? Is that safe or the best way to do it? It seems like that would only give the curator the ability to vote and comment.... I just would feel better if someone who knows a bit more could confirm that.

You are correct that the curator can use the posting key and would be able to vote and comment, but not move tokens.

Another way I have seen it handled is by having the main account follow the votes of a curation account.

So, account A votes and then the main account follows.

Got it! Thank you.

Have you seen the CCC price action? The market is outpacing our buy-in order. Up to .0061. Maybe some SPS profit flowing over. :)

I notice yesterday! Great job! keep it up

Rude? Communities have rules and mistake or not we let know how or what and give the chance to be read.

Lol. But you were RUDE :) Again. APOLOGIES for posting my unworthiness in your community :)

Well, you could have just nicely welcomed her and gave her the scoop on how to participate.

Instead, you were rude.

Thank you 😊

I have edited to untag but I can't seem to remove it's footprints in a community that no longer wants me but oh well.

Go to edit, copy-paste the entire text and make a new post. Post it elsewhere or as a blog.

Thank you but I don't see the need of your advice when you've already muted my post. Can I leave the community too? Lol.

Maybe consider an upgrade to your communications.

Hi @user Thanks for utilizing our community, we noticed you didn't use the daily free-write prompt, which you can find.... ____ .

By using our tag (insert tag) you can post your eligible posts here..

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you come back.

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