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For some the top of the world may be Mount Everest, being the highest mountain in the world, but it may also be that the top of the world is something we want to achieve, and for us it can be considered as getting to the top of the world, but that something may seem impossible, but the truth is that there is nothing impossible for us, except death.

The road to that summit will surely be complicated, full of fear, uncertainty that we will overcome, and we will overcome it because it is necessary to get to the top, unless we give up on the way. Sadness and pain are two factors that we will also live, in that long way we will have or feel a roller coaster of situations, some factors or situations will intervene in our process, where we want to move forward or stop to think about it.

At the beginning we may not see the light, because we are starting, but after a while we will see it, the important thing is not to get overwhelmed because it can happen that we get overwhelmed, but we get ahead of everything if we know what we want and everything we must strive to reach what we dream or yearn to have.

Some should beware of their own shadow, as they say, because sometimes the decisions we make can cause us a stone in the road later. But like everything in life, decisions come and go and they work out well and not too, but here the law of probability is at work, it will surely work out well or it will surely work out badly, but without trying it you can't tell.

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