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Lately in the country we have seen clouds that can sometimes scare part of the population if you do not know much about the subject, caution should also exist, and not risk taking pictures or videos to record certain situations that will give us likes or views, which in the end do not count for nothing if something bad were to happen. Nature is not to be trifled with, I have seen videos in other countries and they are very strong, rain currents that sweep away houses, cities and leave many dead and countless damages.

Hurricanes are not far behind, in Puerto Rico the images and videos are very worrying, houses completely flooded, people seeking shelter on their roofs, without electricity, the water seems that they live in palafittes, and just knowing that it will take a couple of weeks to dry that water. And to think that the heat due to the temperatures that are going to be registered in the next days are quite high, product of the humidity. That can also cause day or night rains, depending on the heat and how much the temperature rises, another influential factor is the Saharan dust, which usually inhibits the process of cloud evolution.

The rains of this last week have been heavy, here it has become very dark, and sometimes loud thunder noises can be heard. The wind gusts are also present, but the rain has not been able to arrive. In Caracas the video of the funnel cloud was difficult to process with the naked eye, it could be the creation of a tornado, but if it does not touch the ground it is not considered as such, yesterday I saw a video of a car that was going down a street and a tree branch fell on it due to the strong winds, thank God there were no lives to regret more than the scare and damage to the vehicle.

Clouds always moving on, it is very unlikely that a cloud goes in the opposite direction, just like hurricanes that always come from the east and with its path to the west are consolidating their potential, some more disastrous than others, but still hurricanes are damaging. Thank God we don't get hit by hurricanes, but I would like to live an experience inside a hurricane, but signing a contract with life where nothing happens to me, I just want to live the experience and that's it.

Invito a: @rengus, @jjqf y @franmathey05

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