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Science and religion have always been in conflict on the subject of the creation of life, of our ancestors, science tells us that humans were created after the extinction of the dinosaurs, that dinosaurs I can buy it in theory, after the earth was hit by the meteorite, but I am not convinced how since that event and microscopic things was that humans were formed, there are theories and such, but I am not convinced by those theories.

On the part of religion it is believed that the life of man was born in Adam and Eve and from there all the story that is told, but of course as you believe you have someone just because, or better from where God came, because it did not come from nothing. So of course, for me neither of the two has any validity, but, of course, for me, neither convinces me, but, because there is always one. In any case, my IQ is not very high, but with what we have, I can put science first and then religion.

The only thing that is clear to me is that we come from absolute is that we come from somewhere, and that in the end we are all like family, because based on the theory of science, if the human being was created from monkeys, then how were the monkeys created, because the meteorite did not bring monkeys, it brought chaos, destruction and extinction of the species that I was seeing at that time, which were the dinosaurs. At this point I can not get obtuse like others who claim that dinosaurs did not exist, then I ask, and the giant bones that have been found where do they come from?

I can respect the decision of each party, because they defend it with basis and foundation that in my opinion are not entirely true, but this is one of the thousands of questions that may remain unanswered, perhaps for me, or I will also be wrong to doubt either of the two theories that may be valid. I remember that in school we were taught about Darwin's theory, but it is that he was born from someone, it was not a divine work, far from it.

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