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Enough is Enough, you must be Celebrated.

Don't be tire reading, keep praying.Keep believing

*After all the sacrifice you've make to keep this relationship,your commitment, your love,he/she still dumped you,Relationship can be so painful,that you wonder what you've done to him/her,to be treated dis way,but that is the bitter true about relationship. but am here to advice you on the way out of this mesh you've put yourself.

*starting from today Love yourself enough not to tolerate toxic people, irresponsible lovers, abusive relationships or people taking you for granted.Don't be emotionally imbalanced not to have self love.

*Fall in love with the right person and not because you want to prove your ex wrong for leaving you. Every one have a mission in our life.

*Stop wasting your time trying to convince yourself that someone who doesn't call, text or communicate with you, loves you.
When a person loves you, they'll always be moved to hear from you. They'll always be moved to know your welfare. They'll show care, they'll call you regularly, no matter how busy they are.

*If they don't show care to you in the name of being busy, it means you're not important.
Stop killing yourself over people who don't even remember that you are alive.
Stop killing yourself over people who don't care how you feel.

*When people don't care, it simply means you ain't valuable to them. Nobody ignores what/who they love and cherish.

Pack up yourself and start living without them.It's okay to let go when you've done everything you could and it still doesn't seem to be working.

But what God is telling you today, To Be strong in the Lord,for the Enemy you see today you will see them no More, cos It Does Not Matter How Old You are, How Many Men/Woman Have Disappointed You, I Have Good News for You - Your Marriage is Next. God know your heart desires, and will give A man or women that will care for you and respect you Make you is queen or King,love you,honour you and your family will be blessed through you in Jesus Name Amen.

Wait let me add this,Mark Today Date Except God is not alive. No one will stop your Joy.

Am I talking to someone in this group,

"Are you due for marriage ?

"Have you been disappointed ?

"Have you been use and dumped ?

"Have people laugh at you ?

"Have you been sharing secret tear ?

By the authority' in Heaven Let every counsel, plan, desire, expectation, imagination, device and activity of the enemy against your life be rendered null and void, in the name of Jesus . Amen

I see your heaven opened...And I see men and women shaking your hands to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Can I hear someone shouting, writing,dancing, start telling people,gist people that your marriage date have been fixed and No one can stop it in Jesus Name Amen.

Are you Ready ? Stop talking about other people life,pray for yourself Now,opening your mouth and start saying a word of prophesied into your life.

*Am getting marriage soon.

*my Husband or My Wife will locate me.

*No more martial delay in my life.

*Am moving to the next level

*My favor time have Come

*it is written,I shall leave my father house and join together with another one,to become Husband and Wife.

*God take over my life and give me my heart desires.

  • I reject Every curse in my father house.

*God blessed my Husband Or Wife to be.

*Enough is Enough No more time waster

*Am moving to my husband house.

*Household enemy I reject you.

*God take control of my Martial life.

  • It is done, let the heaven open and pour me blessing

*If God is with me,who can be against Me.

  • I cover myself with d blood of Jesus

*keep saying it and believe that it will come to pass.

God will answer your own prayers too and you will wear your wedding dress!No man born of a woman will be able to steal your joy in Jesus name.
Finally you shall be Settled. So shall it be In Jesus name Amen.

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wow! nice one!keep inspiring people!World needs lot of healers like you!

thanks mate!

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