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The world is always moving in a given direction per time. Today, the in thing is to be slim and fit. Hence everyone is hitting the gym and dieting seriously for weight loss. The gym business is booming. That's what's up today.
Be that as it may, heavy and curvy ladies will never go out of vogue with most men, no matter what century it is. Why? Because, beauty has no weight limit. Like excellence, beauty is usually in the details - talk about the curves and some extra weight just in the right places.

Recently, different photos of curvy ladies are being posted on some popular online blogs and news agencies. These bloggers are consciously driving traffic of male readers just by uploading those photos. And why is it working? Is it that men who click to read such news or articles are irresponsible or unreasonable?
Far from it. The bloggers are only taking advantage of the reality of human nature to be interested in things that seem lager than life to get more clients.

This does happen not only with photos of curry women, it also happens with photos of well-decorated fast food. And many other things which may lead to addiction.
In our human brain, there is a certain chemical or hormone which is secreted when we experience satisfaction. That chemical is called Dopamine, and it is also secreted even when we merely think of that which gives us some satisfaction spiked off by any clues in our environment.

It could be going for shopping or any other sport. Yes, any other sport, because, I believe that shopping is a sport for most women. It's a game they love to play. So if you can play this game very well, you'll be truly loved.
The most important thing about this post is that it reveals to the reader that human biology is real. And has a way of controlling our activities and behaviors.

This means that if you have any bad habits or addictions you want to stop, such as watching porn and masturbation; social media habits that steal your entire day doing nothing productive online but chatting away and watching funny videos; going for excessive shopping; smoking or unhealthy eating habits, you must admit that they may be spiritual; Yes, but they also have natural lines.
I used to be moved by these exaggerated versions of reality such that seeing a lady who is Big and beautiful with curves, for example, the dopamine begins to run wild in my head.

Thankfully, the story is no longer the same today. I have learned and mastered how to control my feelings and thoughts. I don't let them control or determine my actions anymore.
This remotely controls your decisions to buy or not to buy. To eat or not to eat. To do or not to do. To indulge or not to indulge.

Demons only get into the way and make it more complicated for you to leave and do the right thing. That is why fasting and prayer alone can't cure any addiction. Don't forget that beauty has no weight limit. You can be Big and yet beautiful. And no matter how big your body size may be, be comfortable in your own skin. It helps to stay healthy when you keep fit. Go to the gym if you may. Exercising is good for your heart, especially walking daily.

Many blessings!

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I so enjoyed this post!
We spend so much time complaining about looking a certain way or not looking like a celebrity, that we often forget that our body is the only one that will be with us for the rest of our lives. We should all be grateful that we're healthy and strong enough to live and share whatever we want to do.
Just keep in mind that your body loves you, you should do too: give it rest whenever it needs, don't spread heate towards it, eat healthy stuff and nourish your soul every single day.

Thanks so much for your contribution.
I really appreciate it!
I pray God give us the grace to do so.

Cheers, mate.

Very good content, however, I invite you to place the source of the image so that this does not generate problems of plagiarism of information.

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