A Brief Pit Stop -- a double five-minute #freewrite!

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She leapt over the orange-spattered bed and grabbed the skis, buckled them onto her feet, and as Joey opened his bedroom door Jenny grabbed the bowler hat, flung the sunscreen in an arc towards him, then skied out of the room.

"Wooooooooooooo!" she shouted as the sunscreen she slid on turned into orange paint and out the door she went.

She hadn't been skiing since she was a kid, but it turned out it was a skill one never lost. A lot like riding a bike.


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Part Five - A Vengeful Touch - prompt: sunscreen
Part Six - A Hasty Getaway - prompts: mashed potato and skiing




Just as Jenny thought that thought, a guy on a bike curved around the corner. A wide grin was painted across his face as he pedalled as fast as his legs could take him, his eyes were closed as he indulged in the feel of the breeze across his face.

She was on skis! Not rollerblades or skates or anything capable of a sharp turn.

"Watch out!" she cried.


"Open your eyes next time!" she yelled, unbuckling Joey's skis.

The rider looked stunned. He looked at her in her orange-painted face and stuttered a stunned apology but she took no heed.

"Never mind," she said, throwing the skis onto the street. "Thanks for the bike!"

Jumping onto the bike, she sped away from the stunned rider. The cool wind swept through her hair and chilled the paint glued to her face, and upon its delightful breeze was the delightful scent of a winter barbeque.

Forget Joey. How about a feed?

"Fantastic idea!" Jenny cheered, pedalling harder, faster, better, stronger, until the plume of delicious barbeque smoke rose up from a nearby house and carressed her nostrils.

It was a brick home. Finely manicured gardens. A brand new Joey-proof roof. It looked nothing like the house she had just skied out of. Maybe she would move in. She would enjoy the food, make new friends, possibly make a new housemate... it all made sense! This was providence.

The bike clattered to the ground and she ran around the gate towards the backyard where a seating area had been propped up. Clean wooden chairs with leather seats sat around a table complete with rustic charm. It even had a gazebo umbrella staked through the centre.

"Mmm, steak," she drooled, then yelled, "Hello new friends -- I smell barbequuuuuuue!"

"Uh--" began a bewildered woman.

"Watcha cookin'? Beef burgers? Chicken patties? SALMON SUPREME?"

"Um, actually--" began a terrified teen.

"Oh," Jenny lifted up a weird stick. "Uh... sesame sticks? What kind of barbeque is this? Where's the beef?" she sucked in a deep breath and raised her voice to a scream. "WHERE'S THE BEEF?"

"We're vegan," came the cult-like response.

"Well, shit," muttered Jenny.

She grabbed a handful of the sticks, flung them up into the air, and ran back to the bike concealed by the shrouding rain of sesame seeds.

The bike was gone.



Hullooooo! It's currently Day 818 of @mariannewest's five-minute #freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is actually 'satellite' but I backtracked a couple of days and did a double-freewrite using the prompts -- winter barbeque -- and -- sesame sticks.

You can find today's challenge -- AND JOIN IN!! -- at the following link:

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Well, that was delicious writing, even though the beef and the bike were nowhere to be found!

The beef, the beef --she was so horrified about the beef! Haha. :) May her next stop offer her sustenance... providing she finds wheels.

I will be looking for it!

Ha ha Jenny is getting really wild :)
Let's see how far she would go!

I'm curious too! Depending on future prompts there may or may not be more neighbours to terrify. I have my fingers crossed for more tormented neighbours, haha!